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Jay from 90 Day Fiance arrested, in ICE custody facing deportation

Jay Smith from 90 Day Fiance
Jay Smith is facing deportation after Ashley Martson filed for divorce a second time. Pic credit: TLC

It’s not looking like happily ever after for 90 Day Fiance star Jay Smith. Ashley Martson’s soon-to-be ex-husband is facing deportation after a recent arrest that led to ICE taking custody of him.

Jay is said to have turned himself in on Tuesday night after learning there was a warrant for his arrest. It was related to an order of protection Ashley took out on him on Monday, and accusations that he violated that order.

According to Celebuzz, part of Ashley’s protection order barred Jay from speaking about her or the protective order on social media. So when he did just that, Ashley alleges a warrant was placed for his arrest.

“I filed a PFA, and I took all the evidence in on Monday,” Ashley explained. “Jay was served at 7:10 PM on Monday, and it specifically said in there ‘you’re not allowed to talk about this PFA or Ashley at all on any social media platform.'”

While the PFA violation and the warrant for that were not related to Jay’s deportation, it turns out that, when he was going to be released on bail, ICE took custody because they were looking for him concerning his immigration status.

According to Ashley, ICE had already been looking for Jay since Friday and reportedly had plans to pick him up on July 8.

Because he doesn’t have a green card, Jay is said to be staying in the U.S. illegally at this point.

While Jay and Ashley got married within the 90-day frame and kept in compliance with his K1 Visa, she didn’t file to adjust his status after that, which means that he was never issued a green card.

Because of that, it has been reported he will move from Cumberland County to York County Prison, which is being used as an immigration detention center and will likely be deported back to Jamaica at some point.

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