Jax Taylor says he ‘never’ watches old Vanderpump Rules episodes, admits he has regrets

Former VPR star Jax Taylor.
Vanderpump Rules alum Jax Taylor admits to having regrets and not watching old episodes of the show. Pic credit: ©

Jax Taylor has seemingly left his Vanderpump Rules days behind him. Although the hit Bravo franchise helped Jax build the platform he now enjoys, he recently admitted that he has a tough time watching old episodes of the show.

Jax was an OG member of the SUR crew with Vanderpump Rules. Season after season, Jax played a major part in cast drama and never hesitated to stir the pot. The former model may have pulled some serious stunts over the years; one of the most shocking announcements came when Jax and his wife Brittany Cartwright both revealed they were departing the series prior to filming for Season 9.

Following his departure from the show, Jax and Brittany both keep their fans and followers updated on their lives via their social media channels. And in a recent Q&A on social media, Jax revealed his feelings surrounding the show and gave an update on his friendship with Tom Schwartz.

Vanderpump Rules alum Jax Taylor admits he won’t watch past episodes of the show

During the Q&A, fans submitted their questions to Jax on Instagram, and he confirmed where he stands with his past Vanderpump Rules antics.

One follower asked, “Do you ever watch old episodes of pump rules?”

Jax didn’t hold back in his distain for the idea of seeing himself on screen after all this time. In fact, it’s something he says he will “never” do.

“God no. Never,” he wrote in response to his follower.

Another follower kept their question short and sweet, writing, “Biggest regret?”

Although the user was clearly prompting Jax and hoping he would reveal regrets he has, Jax opted to keep his response more generic. Considering he had plenty of dramatic scenarios from his past to choose from, his comment left much to be desired.

“I have a few,” Jax wrote. “As we all do. But hopefully we live and learn… and move on.”

Screenshot from Jax Taylor's IG.
Pic credit: @mrjaxtaylor/Instagram

Jax provides update on Brittany and status of his friendship with former co-star Tom Schwartz

Jax’s questions then pivoted in another direction, with a few followers asking for updates on both his wife, Brittany Cartwright and his friendship with Tom Schwartz.

“Is Brittany ok don’t see her much?” the follower asked.

As it turns out, Jax revealed Brittany prefers to remain as tech-free as possible whenever she is in Kentucky.

“When we come to the farm she stays off her phone a lot. Service is not great plus [it’s] her break from all that,” he stated.

Another follower asked Jax to give an update on his friendship with Tom Schwartz. As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Tom Schwartz is currently going through a divorce from his wife, Katie Maloney. Despite this tough time, Jax confirmed his relationship with his former co-star is still intact.

“Still friends with Schwartz?” the question asked.

Screenshot from Jax Taylor's IG.
Pic credit: @mrjaxtaylor/Instagram

“Absolutely,” Jax replied. “Sometimes as we go through our lives our paths change and that’s okay. We see each other when we can and always wish each other the best. He’s like my brother and always will be. Very proud of him.”

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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