Javonny blasts Love Island USA Islanders for sending Cashay home

Javonny on Love Island USA
Javonny on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

When Cashay Proudfoot went home on Friday night, Love Island USA fans reacted online in anger.

Many said that the loss of Cinco Holland, Josh Goldstein, Shannon St. Clair, and now Cashay meant that the show was getting boring.

Now, a former Islander is speaking out about the moment.

In the joke Instagram post that Love Island USA put up of Andre Brunelli doing a respect clap for Cashay, only to realize he was the only person doing it, there was one response in the comments that stood out.

Amongst the people laughing at Andre’s awkward clapping, Javonny Vega made his feelings known.

Javonny blasts Love Island USA after Cashay elimination

The post was a lighter one, poking fun at Andre, but Javonny had something to get off his chest.

“Y’all ain’t sh*t! ya sent cash home!!! And Charlie you ain’t sh*t neither for using my dwag to get to the villa!!,” he wrote.

Javonny was another eliminated Islander that found himself gone before fans were ready for him to leave.

Javonny comment
Pic credit: @LoveIslandUSA/Instagram

However, he has stuck with and defended his fellow Islanders despite their struggles this season.

That was evident when he chose to cheer on Olivia Kaiser, even after she led him on for a long time, leaving him no chance to find another connection before his elimination.

Love Island USA viewers even wanted to boycott the show when Javonny’s elimination was announced.

It also turned out that the Casa Amor girls wanted to hook up with Javonny when it started, only to realize, with disappointment, that he was already gone when they arrived.

Now, he is speaking up for Cashay, and is pointing the blame at Charlie for her elimination. Javonny even took to his Instagram Stories, asking Cash if they could do a Live because he has questions to ask her.

Javonny and his post-Love Island USA roller coaster

When Javonny left, he yelled out for Olivia to find what makes her happy on Love Island USA.

However, Javonny said after watching the episodes that he wished she had been more honest with him. This was in response to things Olivia told other people about how she felt, but never told him.

With that said, he remained friendly when it comes to how he feels about her as a person, even saying that the recent revelations about her political stances didn’t change his feelings toward her.

Sadly, that cost Javonny a lot of his fans.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.