Javi is home but there is tension with Kailyn on Teen Mom 2

Teen Mom 2
Kailyn and the kids wait for Javi as he returns from deployment in Teen Mom 2

This week on Teen Mom 2, Javi is back but the homecoming is not all he hoped for.

Javi is back from deployment and the kids are super excited to see him and hold up their welcome home sign as they wait for him to arrive.

Kailyn looks tearful as Javi catches up with the kids

However, Kailyn looks equally nervous and emotional and when he walks through the door the atmosphere is awkward.

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He get a catch up on the kids trips and meets the new dog but Kailyn ushers the kids back to their lunch and her attitude is positively frosty.

Javi looks shocked by Kailyn's attitude
Javi looks shocked by Kailyn’s attitude

Javi wants to take the kids to camp and asks to borrow some car seats, Kailyn refuses and says he can follow them if he wants.

Also on this episode, a flood puts a barrier between Jeremy and Leah plus Chelsea heads to the doctor about her pregnancy.

Catch Teen Mom 2 at 9:00 PM on MTV-E.

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