Jason Tartick reveals how lucky he and dog Pinot are after getting hit by a car

Jason Tartick sits and wears a suit
Jason Tartick thankfully lives to tell the tale after being hit by a car. Pic credit: ABC

Jason Tartick is bringing awareness to car and pedestrian safety after his own personal experience. 

Jason felt it important to share his near-fatal accident with his followers and offer helpful takeaways for people who might find themselves in similar situations. 

Jason Tartick claims luck and instincts are why he survived the accident 

After going golfing, Jason went to walk his dogs with his fiancee, Kaitlyn Bristowe

Kaitlyn walked ahead of Jason with one of their dogs while Jason and Pinot stayed a crosswalk behind. At the crosswalk, Jason and Pinot waited for the light to change, and once they had the right-of-way, Jason and Pinot began to cross the street when a car came speeding towards them. 

Jason explained that a car blew through the red light to make a right turn and ended up hitting Jason from behind. 

Jason expressed feeling like angels were looking out for him because, in that quick instant, he had the instinct to pull Pinot away before the dog could get hit by the car. He also managed to adjust his body enough to where the car only hit the back of his leg and glutes. 

On impact, Jason hip-checked the car leading to a dent in the car’s hood. 

The speeding car hit the brakes, and Jason revealed that the driver was apologetic and shaken after hitting Jason. Naturally, Jason was distraught and admitted that he slammed his hand on the hood of the driver’s car while spewing out a few choice words. 

Despite the driver staying at the scene, Jason explained that he panicked and ran off as he just wanted to get away from the area. 

When they arrived at the dog park, Kaitlyn checked on Jason to make sure he was alright, similar to how Jason has helped Kaitlyn with her own anxiety in the past. Jason felt so fortunate that his only injury was bruising on his behind and right leg after being hit by a car. 

While retelling the story, Jason vocalized feeling confident that if he had been texting or had his head down on that crosswalk, he and his dog likely would have been dead. Jason described him and Pinot as lucky boys and felt like the luckiest in the world because he and his dog didn’t face any severe injuries. 

Jason offers up takeaways 

Jason gave three takeaways from his experience, which included reminding cars driving in a city to stop at red lights because if not, they could kill someone. 

He also warned pedestrians to keep their heads on a swivel when going across crosswalks because even if they have the right-of-way, it doesn’t automatically mean they’ll be safe. 

Lastly, Jason emphasized the importance of filing a police report when you’re hit by a car, even if your injuries are not severe, because you may find that you have worse damage later on once the adrenaline fades. While he only had bruises, Jason still filed a police report after being hit as a necessary precaution.

Jason hopes that people learn something from this insane incident and practice more caution on the road. 

The Bachelorette returns Tuesday, October 19 at 8/7c on ABC. 

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