Jason Tartick had to leave his job because of a sex revelation that Kaitlyn Bristowe made on her podcast

Jason Tartick
Jason Tartick had to quit his job because of something Kaitlyn Bristowe said. Pic credit: ABC

Jason Tartick and his fiance, Kaitlyn Bristowe, have been in the Bachelor Nation news quite a bit lately.

Jason thought that Kaitlyn should have been hosting the Women Tell All to call out the women body-shaming, the duo has had to postpone their wedding date to 2023, and Jason revealed he had to quit his job because of something Kaitlyn said on her podcast Off the Vine.

This time, Jason discussed something Kaitlyn revealed on her podcast pretty much cost him his job.

What did Kaitlyn Bristowe reveal on her podcast that ended up costing Jason Tartick his job?

Jason stated, “Kaitlyn made a funny confession on her podcast about the first time we hooked up, which was this fully clothed, intimate moment.”

Kaitlyn had announced on her podcast even more, though, as she said, “I was on my period. This is a natural thing for women. We don’t have to act like it’s weird. We all get our periods. Doesn’t have to be a weird thing that we all ignore … So I was like, ‘Yo, let’s just dry hump.’”

But that information somehow got out to Jason’s boss at work, who then called Jason about it. He gave Jason an ultimatum because of what was said.

His boss had told him, “No more social media, no more podcasts, no more side hustle, nothing.”

Because of that and his boss’ non-negotiables, Jason decided to quit his job. He said that it put him in a bad position, where he either had to restart his entire career or restart within the bank he worked in. Therefore, Jason decided to leave.

Jason also revealed to E! News that he never saw that coming from his boss. To ask him to remove all social media from his life and any side-business he was working on/with, Jason knew he couldn’t do it.

He did say that Kaitlyn felt awful after all of this went down, and she did remove the podcast right away.

How did Jason ultimately end up feeling after the fact?

Jason talked about how this was a pivotal moment because he “knew I physically and mentally had to make a career change … This event just accelerated my timeline to do just that.”

Jason has been thankful for the opportunity to quit his former job and move forward in something he enjoys. He commented, “And now every day I get to make an impact with others that are too looking to rebrand, reinvent and restart their professional outlook.”

According to Jason, Kaitlyn revealing what she did on her podcast ended up being a blessing in disguise for his career and him as a person.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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2 years ago

I think Kaitlyn needs to clean up her act and So-called “style” and try to be a better supportive partner in life for Jason.