Jason Oppenheim vacations in Greece with model girlfriend Marie-Lou

Close-up of Marie-Lou Nurk.
Jason Oppenheim and Marie-Lou Nurk enjoy a European vacation. Pic credit: @marielounurk/Instagram

Selling Sunset broker Jason Oppenheim and his girlfriend Marie-Lou Nurk are enjoying a vacation in Greece, where the pair’s relationship began.

Jason and Marie-Lou have been jet-setting across Europe with Brett Oppenheim and his girlfriend Samantha Abdul.

The brothers and their significant others first spent time in Germany. 

While there, Marie-Lou shared photos of herself and Jason enjoying dinner with friends in Berlin.

The two weren’t afraid to pack on the PDA during their outing and seemed utterly smitten with one another.

From there, the foursome headed to Athens, Greece, and seemed to enjoy a beautiful day relaxing, enjoying a glass of wine, and taking in the view.

Screenshot of Jason Oppenheim's Instagram story.
Jason enjoys a casual afternoon and a glass of wine with his girlfriend. Pic credit: @jasonoppenheim/Instagram

In the photo, Marie-Lou and Jason sit in almost identical positions with their backs to the camera, ankles crossed, and feet resting on a table, with a glass of wine in their hands.

The pair looked casual and comfortable with one another as they looked out towards the water.

Jason and Brett Oppenheim head to Mykonos for a birthday celebration

However, the vacation didn’t end in Athens. The group hopped on a helicopter and headed to Mykonos.

Jason reposted a friend’s Instagram story, which said, “Happy B-day Big Al.” The image shows the group landing near the ocean and greeting friends.

Screenshot of Jason Oppenheim's Instagram story.
The foursome arrives in Mykonos for a birthday celebration. Pic credit: @jasonoppenheim/Instagram

Fans following Jason and Marie-Lou’s relationship since the photos first leaked will remember that the pair first met while Jason was vacationing with his brother Brett in Mykonos.

While speaking to People, Jason recalled the first time he saw Marie-Lou while he was out having dinner with Deshaun Watson, the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. He claims he spotted her and knew he “just had to say hi.”

During the joint interview, Marie-Lou did not comment on her feelings when they met. But The Oppenheim Group broker shared that he “liked that she hadn’t seen the show, so she didn’t really know who I was or about my relationship with Chrishell.”

Jason and Chrishell Stause remain on good terms

Jason and Selling Sunset costar Chrishell Stause called it quits in December of 2021 after five months of dating.

The two shared that disagreements about marriage, particularly the decision to have kids, eventually ended their relationship.

Chrishell, who has moved on with Australian singer G-Flip, continues to have a good relationship with Jason.

In fact, their relationship is still so close that Jason claimed he’s open to a double date.

Jason said, “I love going to dinner with Chrishell and I like G a lot too. I could do it, we could double date. I’m in. Chrishell, if you’re in, I’m in.”

It doesn’t seem like the double date has happened yet, but perhaps viewers will witness it in Season 6?

Selling Sunset Seasons 1-5 are currently streaming on Netflix.

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