Jasmine Pineda slams 90 Day Fiance viewer who criticized her relationship with a ‘white American’

Jasmine Pineda and Gino Palazzolo
Jasmine Pineda called out a 90 Day Fiance hater who criticized her relationship with Gino as a “white American.” Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star, Jasmine Pineda shared a comment that a critic wrote about her and her relationship with Gino Palazzolo.

In the hater’s message, they took aim at Jasmine for abandoning her Latina culture in favor of being with a “white American.”

Jasmine corrected the person by talking about what she was gaining and drove home the idea that she was not leaving any culture behind by being with Gino.

Jasmine appeared alongside Gino in Season 5 of Before the 90 Days, where their troubled relationship was on full display due to Jasmine’s jealousy and Gino’s lies.

Despite their issues, Gino and Jasmine are still together and working on getting Jasmine to America.

Jasmine Pineda blasted a 90 Day Fiance critic of her relationship with Gino Palazzolo

Through her Instagram stories, Jasmine took aim at a 90 Day Fiance critic.

She highlighted the critic’s comment, “Latinas say how proud [they] are of their culture but most just want to marry a white American and leave their culture behind.”

Jasmine responded firstly by questioning, “What kind of people are living in this planet?

She followed that up by saying, “I get the best of two cultures: the one I was born in and the one from my lovely fiance @gpalazz2. I’m not quitting who I am! We are all citizens of the world!”

Jasmine Pineda's Instagram stories
Jasmine delivered a message to a 90 Day Fiance critic. Pic credit: @jasminepanama/Instagram

Jasmine Pineda recently called out Gino Palazzolo as a gaslighter

90 Day Fiance critics are not the only people Jasmine calls out; Gino has never been spared from her wrath either.

In a video message, Jasmine slammed Gino for mistakenly equating their time in Panama together to time in Brazil, where his ex-wife is from.

90 Day viewers already know that Jasmine has a wicked jealous streak and gets enraged at any mention of Gino’s past with other women, specifically his ex-wife. To that end, Jasmine made it a point to call Gino out for the folly.

When she did, however, Jasmine claims that Gino gaslit her and said that he never made that location-naming mistake.

In response, Jasmine sang a Portuguese song to Gino to accompany her blast of him.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus.

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