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Jasmine Pineda shows off curves in a colorful bikini with a message for the haters

Jasmine Pineda has a word for her haters while showing off her curves.
Jasmine has a word for her haters while showing off her curves. Pic credit: @jasminepanama/Instagram

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star, Jasmine Pineda recently shared a word for her haters.

Jasmine did so while posing immaculately in yet another fantastic bikini.

Jasmine tells her haters not to project their insecurities onto her

Jasmine is best known for her spicy personality and even spicier bikini pics. 

Jasmine recently shared a video of herself in a colorful two-piece pink and blue bikini with exotic prints accentuating her killer curves. 

Jasmine posed for the camera, moving her body effortlessly from side to side to show off her bountiful assets with the song Survivor playing in the background. 

Jasmine has worked very hard to achieve the body that she has and has always encouraged other women to feel comfortable in their skin. 

However, it seems that some critics may have stricken a nerve with Jasmine because she felt the need to leave a detailed caption on her post, shouting out her haters.

Jasmine let her haters know that she does not need to clarify anything for them and that she is comfortable in her own skin. 

Jasmine said, “🥰I always receive a high number of hate messages for: wearing bikinis, my lips, my breast augmentation, a nose job that I never had but people insist, and Botox (I haven’t had it done ever yet).”

“🥰 According to these people I don’t love my body and I don’t accept myself as I am. I just don’t need to clarify a 💩, but I adore every inch of my body.”

“🥰 I’ve loved it before big boobs/lips and after big boobs/lips. I have no taboos when it comes to enjoy living in my own skin and being proud of it. I work my 🍑 so hard for achieving my figure and I’m so proud of myself. Especially after having kids and being in my late 30ies. Don’t come to project your own insecurities on me darling. Live your journey. My life-my rules.”

Even though Jasmine has struggled to love herself in the past, she is doing much better now

Jasmine has been so much more active on social media, constantly posting pictures of herself in a bikini or out with family living her life. 

Jasmine has been very transparent with her fans about the struggles with her mental health and feelings of self-worth and has worked excessively to better herself. 

Although Jasmine still has a wide range of critics watching her every move and ready to critique her next bikini pic, she has an even broader support base of fans prepared to cheer her on. 

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus. 

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  1. In the previous story, she talks about telling people to love their “imperfect body” like she does. These posts are why people find it hard to believe, when she speaks about her “imperfect body!”


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