Jasmine Pineda shares how she feels about Americans now that she’s in the U.S.

Jasmine talked with TLC producers backstage at the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 6 Tell All. Pic credit: Discovery

Whether her haters like it or not, Jasmine Pineda is in the U.S., and it looks like she’s here to stay.

The 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star had been waiting for her K-1 visa approval for nearly two years, but now, the wait is over.

As Jasmine announced during Part 1 of the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 6 Tell All, she’s currently living in Michigan with her fiance, Gino Palazzolo.

“Hi, everyone! I made it to America, bi***es!” Jasmine announced to her castmates during her dramatic entrance backstage. “You were not expecting me to be here, but here I am.”

As Jasmine explained and we watched during the Season 6 finale, the waiting process to get her visa approved didn’t go as smoothly as she had planned.

“The embassy in Panama was a nightmare, but finally, I got my visa, and I made it to America,” Jasmine explained to TLC’s producers backstage.

But that’s all water under the bridge at this point, and now, Jasmine is giving us her opinion of American people after emigrating here from her native Panama.

Jasmine Pineda offers her opinion of American people since moving to the U.S.

In a recent series of Instagram Stories, Jasmine opened up about how she views people in the U.S. after being asked about it quite a bit online.

90 day fiance fans have asked jasmine pineda about americans in her instagram stories
Jasmine has received a lot of feedback from 90 Day Fiance fans who want to know what she thinks of Americans. Pic credit: @jasminepanama1/Instagram

Given Jasmine’s often untamed behavior and fly-off-the-handle remarks, 90 Day Fiance fans would expect that the TLC star would have some less-than-flattering things to say about Americans.

But as it turns out, Jasmine is loving America and its people.

“Americans are truly amazing,” Jasmine wrote. “What a nice, sweet, lovely people. I have gotten so much love from you guys and I feel genuinely thankful.”

The 37-year-old continued, “I admire your determination, your altruism and generosity to all.”

In another slide from a secondary Instagram account, Jasmine echoed the sentiment.

jasmine pineda speaks fondly of americans in her instagram stories
Jasmine had nothing but kind things to say about Americans. Pic credit: @jasminepanama1/@jasminepanama/Instagram

“Americans are the sweetest, kindest and most lovely people I have ever had the pleasure to encounter in my life,” she continued. “I love you all You guys are so optimistic and funny!”

90 Day Fiance couple Jasmine and Gino have a lot of work to do to keep their love alive

Now that Jasmine is here, not only will she have to adjust to living in a different country with a different culture, but she’ll also have to work on her relationship with Gino.

If these two are ever going to make it down the aisle, they have a lot of work to do. As we saw during Part 1 of the Tell All, Jasmine admitted that she still has a copy of a sex tape she made with her ex, Dane, and accompanied him for a “goodbye dinner” … on Valentine’s Day, yet … which caught Gino off guard and certainly didn’t sit well with him whatsoever.

Jasmine and Gino have fought over exes, jealousy, money, sex, and just about everything else imaginable, so if Jasmine is going to remain in The States, she and Gino will have to learn to smooth things over between themselves and limit the fighting.

Part 2 of the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 6 Tell All airs on Sunday, October 1 at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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