Jasmine Pineda shares before and after look of her eyelashes with 90 Day Fiance fans

Jasmine Pineda
A before and after look with and without fake eyelashes was shared by Jasmine Pineda with 90 Day Fiance fans. Pic credit: TLC

Jasmine Pineda is very into enhancing her looks and showing off to her 90 Day Fiance fans, and she did both those things in recent social media posts where she shared her before and after eyelashes look.

Jasmine had been doing Cameos for 90 Day fans without eyelashes on and decided to change it up and put on a pair to reveal the difference.

The Before the 90 Days star has relayed her desire to have a beautiful outward appearance and has talked about the work that goes into it both on the show and her social media.

Jasmine Pineda showed off her before and after look

In an effort to enhance her look and show off the difference to 90 Day fans, Jasmine put on false eyelashes for viewers to compare to her previous post without them.

Jasmine was doing Cameos for her fan base without much makeup on and shared some of the videos through her Instagram stories.

She then posted a selfie with fake eyelashes and more makeup in the same outfit she had been doing cameos in.

In the caption, she wrote, “I did my eyelashes after the cameo. What a difference my eyelashes made!”

Jasmine Pineda's Instagram stories
Jasmine put on eyelashes to show off the difference to 90 Day fans. Pic credit: @jasminepanama1/Instagram

Jasmine Pineda has had several cosmetic enhancements

Jasmine attests that she had breast enlargement surgery before meeting Gino Palazzolo.

Since they have been together Gino paid for her bigger lips, braces, facial treatments, and eyebrows.

In her Before the 90 Days interview scenes, she wears colored contacts and has talked about how important having perfect hair is to her as well.

When Jasmine was accused by a 90 Day critic of having a nose job, she denied the claim and instead said that the way her nose looked was due to her biracial roots.

Pictures of the way Jasmine looked before plastic surgery exist and 90 Day fans can see the drastic difference in Jasmine before plastic surgery to now.

Jasmine avidly works out and attributes her figure to the hard work she puts in at the gym. She even has a separate Instagram where she posts her workout videos.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays on TLC and Discovery+.

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