Jasmine Pineda reveals her 90 Day Fiance cast crush: ‘I’ll marry you in a heartbeat’

Jasmine has a crush on one of her co-stars. Pic credit: Discovery+

Jasmine Pineda’s heart might belong to Gino Palazzolo, but she also has the hots for another 90 Day Fiance star.

90 Day Fiance fans know that Jasmine doesn’t hold back when it comes to her emotions.

The Panamanian native isn’t afraid to express whatever is on her mind, and she did just that in a recent Instagram Story.

Jasmine uploaded a photo of her reality TV crush, who also happens to be one of her 90 Day Fiance Season 10 castmates.

Would you be surprised to find out that it’s Nikki Exotika?

Jasmine posted a photo of Nikki filming one of her 90 Day Fiance interviews in the first slide of her IG Story.

Jasmine Pineda ‘freaking loves’ her 90 Day Fiance crush, Nikki Exotika

In a caption above the pic, wrote, “My crush đŸ˜»,” added the hashtag #THENIKKI, and included Nikki’s IG handle, and the photo was set to the song I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry.

In a second slide, Jasmine shared a slide from Nikki’s IG Story, in which Nikki plugged Jasmine’s FanBasis bio and asked her followers to book her.

jasmine pineda shares her 90 day fiance crush in her instagram stories
Jasmine revealed her 90 Day Fiance crush. Pic credit: @jasminepanama/Instagram

Jasmine continued to gush over Nikki, writing, “I freaking love the Nikki. I’ll marry you in a heartbeat.”

Jasmine and Gino Palazzolo’s relationship is on the rocks once again

While Jasmine is crushing on Nikki, she and Gino are dealing with some major relationship woes.

This season, Jasmine and Gino’s storyline on 90 Day Fiance includes more turmoil as they gear up to tie the knot before Jasmine’s K-1 visa expires.

Jasmine hasn’t been in the U.S. very long, but she’s longing to move back to Panama already.

90 Day Fiance viewers watched the dramatic scene when Jasmine found a lip gloss tube on Gino’s car’s passenger side floor.

Jasmine assumed it belonged to a woman Gino was cheating on her with, although he adamantly denied he was with any other women since meeting Jasmine.

Gino maintained his innocence regarding the mysterious lip gloss tube, but Jasmine continued to hold Gino responsible off-camera.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Jasmine polled her IG followers, the majority of whom sided with her and believed Gino was guilty of cheating.

In addition, Jasmine insisted that the lip gloss was “absolutely not” hers and that she had “evidence” to prove it.

Jasmine claimed that she’s been compiling receipts into a photo album she literally named “evidence” and told her fans, “Next time someone calls you crazy and you’re ‘overreacting,’ prove them wrong with your reports.”

Some 90 Day Fiance viewers have surmised that TLC producers planted the lip gloss in Gino’s car because they knew it would get a heated reaction out of Jasmine.

Whether or not that is the case remains to be seen, but the lip gloss has become a topic of contention between Gino and Jasmine, and it doesn’t look like they’ll resolve their disagreement anytime soon.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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4 months ago

Who else is totally done with all the tears and stupid outbursts from Jasmine. Let this relationship end please and let’s all move on. It’s getting boring.

Suzanne Devlin
Suzanne Devlin
2 months ago

Jasmine has the worst bitt implant I’ve ever seen. It looks like she has a box inserted above her real butt. Really, really bad cosmetic surgery.

And her lips look like she had a mini pool noodle inserted into her lips.

And the b**bs are far too big given her small stature.