Jasmine Pineda opens up about leaked topless photos and how she got cast on Before the 90 Days

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Jasmine Pineda shares how she was cast on Before the 90 Days and fighting back against her topless photos being leaked.
Jasmine Pineda talks about her journey on Before the 90 Days. Pic credit: TLC

Jasmine Pineda continues to be an open book by sharing personal details of her life with the public. The 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star admits she has no filter and speaks her mind even if others don’t like how it sounds.

Her relationship with Gino Palazzolo has received a lot of criticism since the two joined the show. Jasmine has been called out for how she treats Gino and for being jealous. While she admits she can be intense, she believes everything she does stems from her love for him.

Now that their season has come to an end, Jasmine is opening herself up even more. She’s talking about how she was cast on the show, her thoughts on love and marriage, and how she’s overcome her struggles with insecurity and doubt.

Jasmine talks about joining Before the 90 Days

Jasmine spoke with Uldouz Wallace for an interview that was featured on The Uldouz Show via YouTube. It was a stripped down and intimate conversation about everything from love, growing up, and overcoming abuse is previous relationships.

The interview started with Jasmine explaining how she and Gino ended up on Before the 90 Days. She says Gino was big fan of the show and introduced it to her since it’s not very popular in her home country of Panama.

She says when they were still long-distance, they would talk to each other through video chat and watch the show together. Since Gino was already a huge fan, he explained the show to her and she eventually became a fan.

Jasmine says after watching the show with Gino, she saw an ad on Instagram showing they were casting for the new season. She reached out, and someone from the show responded within a few days. The couple went through the interview process and were cast almost immediately.

Jasmine talks about how her leaked topless photos impacted her life

The interview also touched on a few issues Jasmine and Gino went through on the show, specifically the topless photos of Jasmine that were shared. About the situation, Jasmine confirmed that the photos were sent to a former sugar baby that Gino was involved with, and not his ex-wife as viewers may recall from the show.

She says after the woman had her photos, she received lots of anonymous and fake accounts calling her derogatory names and threatening to send the photos to her job and leak them online. Jasmine says it caused her a lot of emotional damage and worry, and she took a lot of it out on Gino.

This incident also led Jasmine to look into laws that could prevent the spread of nude photos without the person’s consent. She began learning about revenge porn and how to protect others from being blackmailed in that way. She also hopes to continue learning ways to track down the accounts who attempt to leak photos and ensure they face consequences.

Jasmine also took the time to address the criticism from viewers who attempted to diminish the situation by saying she is always posting bikini pics of herself online. She says while that may be true, she has never posted a topless photo of herself which is a big difference. She says she doesn’t like when people bring up that argument because the situation made her feel “violated.”

The interview concluded with Jasmine encouraging women and young girls to feel empowered and to not allow anyone to take advantage of them or talk down to them regardless of the situation.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus.

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