Jasmina Outar flaunts all white in lacey bra

Jasmina Outar
Jasmina Outar appeared on Married at First Sight Season 14. Pic credit: @jas_mi_na/Instagram

Jasmina Outar turned up the heat in all-white.

Over the weekend, Jasmina attended the raved-about Chris Brown concert and showed off her concert style.

Sharing signature snaps from a car, Jasmina struck a pose in her white ensemble.

The Married at First Sight Season 14 star wore white on white while baring her bust and torso.

The light-colored look appeared breezy as she kept herself cool at the concert with a fan.

Jasmina appeared to have a blast at the Chris Brown concert as she wowed in white.

Jasmina Outar is white hot in concert look

Jasmina Outar captured golden hour in recent posts on her Instagram stories as she prepared for the Chris Brown concert.

Snapping pics and videos from a car, Jasmina showed off her white ensemble as the sun shined down on her.

Jasmina’s outfit included a white collared shirt left unbuttoned to reveal a white lace bra underneath.

The MAFS star completed the look with white bottoms and gold and white accessories.

Jasmina wore her signature voluminous tresses with loose, effortless waves and had her makeup look flawless with lush lashes and a glossy lip.

Jasmina Outar's Instagram story
Pic credit: @jas_mi_na/Instagram

Jasmina Outar is single after Married at First Sight 

Jasmina was matched with Michael Morency on Married at First Sight Season 14, which became the second season of the franchise to take place in Boston. 

While Jasmina and Michael got along on their wedding day, their relationship didn’t exactly soar throughout the rest of the experiment. 

Michael and Jasmina got into a big fight during the honeymoon as they disagreed on how they handled a conversation during a group date. Michael felt Jasmina interrupted him, and Jasmina thought she did nothing wrong. 

After their tension during the honeymoon, the couple struggled to trust one another and build romantic chemistry. 

The pair appeared to fight more than bond at the start, but they developed a friendship over time. 

Their friendship still lacked romance which was an issue for Michael, especially as he expressed signing up for the show to find a wife, not just a friend. 

Despite their rocky road, Michael and Jasmina said yes to staying married on Decision Day, along with all three other couples who made it to Decision Day from their season. 

However, Michael and Jasmina revealed their relationship had gone south by the reunion. After several arguments and issues they couldn’t reconcile, they chose to get a divorce that Michael initiated. 

Now, Jasmina is single and enjoying life and fun outings while showing off her sense of fashion with her growing fan base. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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