Jasmin Lahtinen is the latest 90 Day Fiance star to join OnlyFans

Jamsin Lahtinen
Jasmin Lahtenin announced that she will be joining the adult platform OnlyFans. Pic credit: TLC

Finnish beauty Jasmin Lahtinen from Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance just joined the adult platform OnlyFans, adding to the long list of 90 Day Fiance cast to have joined.

Jasmin and her husband Blake got mixed reviews from viewers after their time on 90 Day Fiance, but that didn’t stop fans from being fascinated by Jasmin who has over 100k followers on Instagram.

Blake was on OnlyFans for a short time before deleting it and hinted that Jasmin might be in some of his content. Now that Jasmin is creating her own content, it is possible that she will feature Blake on hers.

Jasmin surprised her followers by joining OnlyFans

Jasmin’s announcement that she was joining OnlyFans was accompanied by the caption, “Check my bio (devil face emoji). I finally started a you know what (monkey with hands over eyes emoji).” She accompanied her post with a spicy photo of the brunette bombshell looking very sultry in a red thong one piece.

Jasmin has PG photos on her OnlyFans for free, and subscribers have to pay for her more premium content. She doesn’t explicitly say if she will be nude at all.

OnlyFans has grown in popularity among the 90 Day Fiance community with some former participants like Larissa Lima, Karine Martins, and Stephanie Matto even making their living off the site now.

Other 90 Day cast members like Elizabeth Potthast and her family, Deavan Clegg, and Stephanie Davison have OnlyFans but use it more casually.

Jasmin said she didn’t want to work at all

One of the most controversial things that Jasmin said on the show was that she did not intend on working at all and that she expected Blake to make all the money for the both of them. She said that she wanted to work on finding her inner peace instead.

Blake knew what he was getting himself into but viewers were very judgemental about her intent to not work. It appears that she has been working on her fitness goals and focusing on her relationship since her run on 90 Day Fiance ended.

So what does it mean now that Jasmin is on OnlyFans? Does she need to start contributing financially and this is the only thing she could come up with? Did she join out of boredom? Or does she like the freedom of expression and interaction that comes with the platform?

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.