Janelle Brown will build on Coyote Pass without Kody’s money and she’s putting up a fence to keep him out

Janelle is sticking to her plans for Coyote Pass, but keeping her distance from Kody. Pic credit: Discovery+

Janelle Brown may soon be neighbors with her ex, Kody Brown, but that doesn’t mean she has to interact with him.

The Sister Wives star is sticking to her plans to build a home on Coyote Pass despite the family splitting up.

This season on Sister Wives, we’re watching Janelle and Kody’s marriage continue to disintegrate after their massive blowout that ended with doors slamming and F-bombs being tossed.

Although the dust has settled a bit, the tension between Janelle and Kody is still thick, and it’s clear they’re not going to reconcile.

Amid all of the turmoil, the exes are still invested in the land they purchased at Coyote Pass, with all of the plots right next to each other.

It doesn’t seem like an ideal situation for Janelle to live in close proximity to her ex and his favorite wife, Robyn, but from a financial perspective, it makes sense for her.

Sister Wives confession: Janelle Brown still plans to build on Coyote Pass

As Janelle explained on Sunday night, she’s still seriously considering building on Coyote Pass because it essentially represents her estate — everything she has to show for all the years she’s been in a plural marriage.

And Janelle’s plans to build on her land don’t include Kody. As Janelle explained, she didn’t understand why Kody kept mentioning the word “we” when discussing Coyote Pass.

“He’s not putting any money up for the house that I’m building,” Janelle said. “I’m the one doing the financing.”

Kody might be talking a big game when it comes to building on Coyote Pass, but regardless of what he decides, Janelle has a plan in place.

“And the reality is, I don’t know if Kody will ever get his poop in a group and build out there,” Janelle confessed.

So if Kody and Robyn do end up building a home near Janelle’s, she has a solution for that circumstance.

“So maybe [Kody and Robyn] build, maybe they don’t,” Janelle continued. “But guess what? There’s such a thing as a really good high fence, and we can put those between the property so I don’t even have to interact with them.”

Will Kody, Robyn, and Meri keep their plots of land at Coyote Pass?

Off camera, now that Christine and Meri are out of the picture, it’s unclear what the future holds as far as Coyote Pass is concerned.

Christine already signed over her plot to Kody and Robyn for just $10, but Meri hasn’t made any moves yet that we’re aware of.

That means there are still five plots of land to be built on — only after the mortgage is paid off, of course.

Kody has already accused Janelle of “pestering” him to pay it off but claimed that she “isn’t really helping” to make that happen.

Kody and Robyn Brown reportedly nixed their plans to build on Coyote Pass

Over the summer, a Sister Wives insider spoke with The Sun and told the outlet that Kody and Robyn have nixed their “very expensive” plans to build on Coyote Pass, however.

According to the source, “Kody and Robyn have no plans for building on Coyote Pass – at least not at this point. There have been no talks whatsoever.”

Robyn has repeatedly said that her dream has always been to grow old with her sister wives, staring into the sunset on their rocking chairs on Coyote Pass.

Although Robyn and Kody ended up purchasing a spacious and pricey home in Flagstaff, Robyn confessed during Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 1 that it was never her intention.

“I did not want to buy a house,” Robyn told TLC’s cameras. “All I wanted was to get out on that property.”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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