Janelle Brown takes aim at Sister Wives critic who ‘bullied’ Mykelti: ‘Go ahead and sit back down’

janelle brown films the sister wives season 18 tell all
Janelle came to her daughter Mykelti’s defense on social media. Pic credit: Discovery+

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has no tolerance for bullies, especially when it’s her kids being criticized.

One critic found out the hard way that messing with Janelle’s loved ones is off-limits.

Janelle came to the defense of her daughter, Mykelti Brown after a bully left some disparaging remarks about her.

Although Mykelti isn’t Janelle’s biological daughter, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t fiercely protect her at all costs.

The back-and-forth went down on a social media post shared by Mykelti Brown’s husband, Tony Padron.

In the post, Mykelti and Tony posed on a 360 degree camera spinner while enjoying themselves at a wedding over the weekend.

While most of Tony’s Instagram followers commented on how fantastic he and his wife look after shedding some serious pounds, one ill-mannered Instagram user showed up in the comments section to berate Mykelti.

Janelle Brown fires back at an inconsiderate Sister Wives fan who took aim at Kody and Christine’s daughter Mykelti

Although the critic has since deleted their comment, Janelle’s response remains on Tony’s post.

The 54-year-old TLC star fired back at the intimidator, “@toniann6268 Oh no no no! Don’t you dare come on social media and bash one of my kids this way.”

janelle brown fired back at one of mykelti's critics on instagram
A critic made disparaging comments about Mykelti, and Janelle wasn’t having it. Pic credit: @tonychessut/Instagram

“I’m sick of seeing people like you go out of their way to bully her. Go ahead and sit back down,” Janelle added.

Janelle and Mykelti are close because during the early years of the Browns’ once-polygamous marriage, Janelle and her sister wife, Christine, shared parenting responsibilities.

Janelle and Christine each have six biological children of their own, and their kids grew up with a closer bond than the rest of the Browns’ 18 children.

Mykelti has come under attack in recent months, but her moms have her back

Although it’s unclear what Mykelti’s disparager had to say since they’ve deleted their comment, we can speculate what it may have been in reference to.

Mykelti has come under fire in recent months from critics who aren’t happy with her loyalties within the Brown family.

The second-eldest of Kody and Christine’s daughters has cut her other mom, Meri Brown, out of her life for being “very emotionally and verbally abusive” toward her.

Some Sister Wives fans think that Mykelti openly admitting that Meri will “never be a part of” her, Tony’s, or their children’s lives was out of line and too harsh of a punishment.

Other Sister Wives viewers have chastised Mykelti for remaining on good terms with her dad’s favorite wife, Robyn Brown.

Mykelti and Robyn’s relationship is so close, in fact, that Robyn was even present for the births of Mykelti’s children, Avalon, Archer, and Ace.

Amid all of the backlash she’s received, not only does Janelle have Mykelti’s back, but so does her mom, Christine.

In a recent Instagram post, Christine sang Mykelti’s praises, calling her daughter an “amazing” mom and the “most thoughtful, kind and forgiving person” she knows.

“I am blessed to be her mom!” Christine added.

Part 4 of the Sister Wives Season 18 Tell All, One on One, airs on Sunday, December 17, at 10/9c on TLC.

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