Janelle Brown shares photo of Christine Brown’s abandoned Flagstaff home

Janelle Brown Tell All screenshot
Janelle drove past Christine’s former Flagstaff home over the weekend. Pic credit: TLC

While driving around Flagstaff over the weekend, Sister Wives star Janelle Brown shared a photo of her former sister wife, Christine Brown’s home.

Christine moved out of her former Arizona home in 2021, right around the time she publicly announced her split from Kody Brown.

The house served as the location for Christine and her family to film Sister Wives until she relocated to Utah, where she currently resides.

Although Christine has moved out of state and on with her life, Janelle remains in Flagstaff, as do her ex-husband, Kody, his wife Robyn, and Kody’s third ex-wife, Meri.

While driving through Flagstaff this weekend to capture some photos of the snow the town received, Janelle stopped to snap a photo of Christine’s former home.

In the photo, the home looked to be abandoned, and the once-red front door was now painted black. The roof, front porch, and driveway were covered with snow, and it was apparent that no one had been in the home recently, with the snowdrifts, no shoveled snow, and no tire tracks.

janelle brown shares a photo of christine brown's former home in her Instagram story
Janelle drove past Christine’s old home in Flagstaff. Pic credit: @janellebrown117/Instagram

Other than some footprints near the end of the driveway, the house looked as though it has been abandoned for a while.

Janelle snapped the photo from her car and captioned it, “Christine’s old house. No one lives here in the winter I guess.”

Sister Wives star Christine Brown sold her Flagstaff home in 2021 amid her split from Kody Brown

In October 2021, Christine sold her home for $700,000. The house features three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and two and a half acres of land. The upstairs loft area was featured on several episodes of Sister Wives, where Christine and Kody shared “The Conversation” about her leaving Flagstaff and moving back to Utah.

Christine has moved on and even told her fans that she’s glad she doesn’t have to return to Flagstaff. Other than her former sister wife-turned-close friend, Janelle, Christine doesn’t have any ties in Arizona any longer.

Although Christine was adamant about leaving Flagstaff behind, Kody tried to convince her to stay, even if she moved on with a new man following their split. When Christine expressed doubts about staying, Kody tried to reason with her.

“You can go; you get married to somebody else. You can bring them here, and they can become part of the family. You don’t break up the family with what you’re trying to do… if you’re a grownup,” Kody said during an episode of Sister Wives.

Christine has found love again after moving back to Utah

Christine has already found love again since moving back to Utah. On Valentine’s Day, she revealed the identity of her boyfriend, David Woolley, who she has called the “love of her life.”

And despite Kody’s recommendation, it’s not likely that she’ll move back to Flagstaff with David, who is also a resident of Utah. Christine and David are smitten with each other, as evidenced by their posts on Instagram.

But according to a Sister Wives insider, Kody thinks his ex-wife is showcasing her romance all over social media for attention to enact revenge on him.

Regardless of what Kody thinks, however, Sister Wives fans are rooting for Christine, and most would agree that her relationship with David looks to be the real deal.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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23 days ago

It’s not all about you old man. No one wants you anymore. Narcissism not an attractive trait

Denise Pahmeyer
Denise Pahmeyer
23 days ago

I am happy that these women found their way out of slavery and oppression.

Nicole Cook
Nicole Cook
23 days ago

Kody needs to grow up.within 1 years or longer 2 wives have walked out him. That says something about.And most the wives walked out because they all used having money issues and his he good but his other wives to have their money to help Robin house.How does a man make his wives feel
Oh that that