Janelle Brown reunites with Christine Brown and her fiance David for a fun Utah adventure

Christine and Janelle Brown IG selfie November 2022
Janelle paid a visit to Christine while in Utah. Pic credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

Sister Wives stars Christine and Janelle Brown met up for a fun weekend of off-roading.

They might not technically be sister wives anymore, but Christine and Janelle have kept their friendship intact.

During a recent visit to Utah, Janelle was sure to meet up with Christine.

The ladies were joined by Christine’s fiance, David Woolley, and Janelle’s daughter, Savanah, as they took to the hills of Utah in a UTV for some off-road exploring.

Christine shared some video footage of the foursome enjoying their day on her Instagram feed. Christine sat up front while David drove, and Janelle and Savanah were in the two backseats.

Janelle squealed with excitement and laughed as David drove them up a steep hill while Christine smiled along while capturing it all on video.

Janelle Brown joined Christine Brown and David Woolley for some Utah off-roading

“We went RZR riding with a couple special guests this weekend! #rzr #moab #riding,” Christine captioned her post, which received more than 62,000 likes and counting.

David shared a similar video on his Instagram feed and captioned it, “So excited to share life’s adventures with my love and her Sisterwife, Janelle #christinebrown #letsride #beutahful.”

David’s post was also well received, and hundreds of his 57,800 followers headed to the comments to gush over him welcoming Janelle so warmly.

Sister Wives viewers love seeing David supporting Janelle and Christine’s relationship

One such commenter joked, “Do you have a brother or a friend for Janelle? Lol.”

“They’ll always be sisterwives and you’re man enough to accept it,” penned another follower. “I love this. 🩵💖💜”

sister wives fans commented on david woolley's instagram video with christine and janelle
Sister Wives fans gushed over David’s Instagram post. Pic credit: @david__woolley/Instagram

Another of David’s followers agreed, writing, “I love that you’re so supportive you call Janelle her sister wife still 🥹 such an upgrade Christine’s got.”

David is clearly smitten with his fiancee — in another post shared over the weekend, David shared a carousel of photos of himself, Christine, his son, and Christine’s daughter, Truely.

The group posed among the beautiful Utah landscapes, and David captioned the pics, “She went camping, she’s a keeper #christinebrown #myqueen #soulmates #moab #beutahful.”

During an episode last season on Sister Wives, Janelle talked about Christine holding on to the title of sister wife despite leaving their once-shared husband, Kody Brown.

Janelle still considers Christine her sister wife

“Honestly, of all my sister wives, like the real sister wives, the ones who are all married to Kody, Christine was always kind of the heart of that relationship for me,” Janelle shared during a confessional.

She added, “But Christine truly is, in my head, the definition of a sister wife. So yeah, I think we’re still sister wives.”

Since Janelle split from Kody, too, she and Christine have remained close and strengthened their bond. The blonde beauties are both Plexus ambassadors and have teamed up and created a joint Instagram page, Life With Health & Happiness, where they promote their business.

The ladies even shared a photo of themselves in the UTV, each holding their Plexus drinks in their hands.

janelle and christine brown posed for a photo in a utv on instagram
Janelle and Christine posed for a photo to promote Plexus during their Utah off-roading adventure. Pic credit: @life_with_health_and_happiness/Instagram

“No, really, we take it everywhere we go!” they wrote in the caption.

Despite reports that Janelle doesn’t “approve” of David, it appears that’s not the case whatsoever. A source claimed that Janelle was having trouble trusting David and felt Christine was moving too quickly after her split from Kody, but it looks like that was either untrue or she’s since changed her tune.

At this point, however, it would make sense that Christine and Janelle’s ex, Kody, doesn’t approve of David — and he’s likely licking his wounds after taking a proverbial knife to the kidneys.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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