Janelle Brown inspires fans with shrinking frame as she ‘slays’ her favorite workout

Janelle is gaining more and more fans by the minute. Pic credit: Discovery+

Sister Wives fans can’t help but root for Janelle Brown amid her split from Kody Brown.

Ever since Janelle and Kody announced their separation during the Season 17 Tell All, Janelle has continually proven that she’s loving her new independent, non-polygamous lifestyle.

Instead of worrying about sharing her husband with other women and having to choose between him or their kids, Janelle has remained focused on her well-being, her career, and her family.

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Part of Janelle’s healthy lifestyle means that she incorporates exercise into her regular routine in addition to using nutritional supplements to boost her weight loss efforts.

On Wednesday, the 54-year-old mom of six uploaded a video of herself doing Pilates, looking strong and healthy as she stretched her torso from a kneeling position.

The song Get It Girl by Saweetie played as Janelle gently extended her back, and in her caption, she noted that exercise isn’t just about shaping a body to look a certain way.

Janelle Brown shares an inspirational message and a challenge with Sister Wives fans

“EXERCISE IS FOR 👏🏻 EVERY 👏🏻 BODY 👏🏻,” Janelle began. “Here is an experiment for you – go to the gym, park whatever tomorrow. Come home and write down everything everyone else was wearing, what they looked like, were they running, walking, strength training ?”

“Can’t remember? NEITHER CAN THEY!” she continued. “GUESS WHAT – NO ONE IS PAYING ATTENTION. THEY ARE WORRIED ABOUT THEMSELVES. Strong body = showing up with strength in every other part of your life.”

In less than 24 hours, Janelle’s post received nearly 48,000 likes, and her fans and followers went wild in the comments, showing her support for taking care of herself and focusing on what matters.

Janelle’s fans love that she’s ‘slaying’ her life’s new chapter

“SLAYYYYY MAMA JANELLE!!!” wrote one of Janelle’s admirers.

Aspyn Brown Thompson, the daughter of Christine and Kody Brown, commented, “Love this Janelle!!”

janelle brown's instagram followers comment on her doing pilates
Janelle received an outpouring of support. Pic credit: @janellebrown117/Instagram

Others expressed how proud they are of Janelle, calling her an “inspiration.”

“THIS is JANELLE. Slaying,” read another comment from an Instagram user.

“Yassss Queen,” wrote another fan of Janelle’s, who considers the Sister Wives star an inspiration.

“I so love watching you women thoughtfully move forward. Honestly, inspo. You are a beautiful, open minded, caring soul.”

janelle brown's instagram followers commented on her doing pilates
Janelle’s followers love seeing her thrive. Pic credit: @janellebrown117/Instagram

Janelle isn’t letting her split from Kody get her down

Janelle put her foot down this season on Sister Wives when she told Kody that she wanted to remain separated. Following their relationship-ending argument, Janelle discovered that she was happier without Kody in her life.

Off-camera, we’re seeing that Janelle’s sentiment aligns with what she told Kody. She recently proved that she doesn’t need Kody in her life when she put her trailer into storage for the winter.

Instead of employing Kody’s help as she did in the past – much to his chagrin – Janelle’s sons came in “clutch” and helped her find the supplies she needed and got her RV off Coyote Pass and into storage for her.

And even though Janelle admits things don’t always work out the way she hopes, she’s been giving herself grace as she navigates singlehood.

In another recent Instagram post, Janelle told her followers in the caption, “When things don’t work out – 1) Give yourself GRACE and 2) Remember failing forward is still forward motion.”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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