Janelle Brown forgot how much she loves Coyote Pass: ‘So excited to get out here this summer’

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown
Since living in town, Janelle Brown has forgotten how much she misses living on the family’s property. Pic credit: TLC

For the winter, Janelle Brown has been living in downtown Flagstaff, but the Sister Wives star admitted that she forgot how much she loved living on Coyote Pass.

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Janelle gave up RV life for the winter and temporarily moved into an apartment.

Before that, Janelle was living in her RV on her plot of land at Coyote Pass after being forced out of her rental home by the owners who listed it for sale.

Janelle shared the RV with her and husband Kody Brown’s youngest daughter, Savanah.

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown ‘forgot’ how much she loves Coyote Pass

Now, Janelle has shared with her fans that she actually misses life on Coyote Pass in a recent live video on Instagram.

Janelle and her son Garrison headed out to Coyote Pass to begin preparing the land for the summer. Janelle told her followers during the video, “I remember how much I love it here. You know, I was in town for the winter and I love town. Love it, but gosh… and I forgot about what it’s like out here and I came out and it’s kind of starting to be spring … I just love it here.”

Next, as Janelle panned the camera to show off the mountains, trees, open landscape, and gorgeous blue sky in the background, she said, “But like when you look at this whole thing, right? Come on it’s just… amazing.”

“I’m so excited to get out here this summer and work on it more,” Janelle continued. “So, I hope your Saturday is just as good. Alright guys, thanks for, uh, indulging me for a minute because I just wanted to say I love the mountains, I love being out on this property, I love it all.”

What are the Browns’ plans with Coyote Pass?

The Browns purchased their 12 acres of land at Coyote Pass in 2018 when the plural family uprooted from Las Vegas, Nevada to Flagstaff, Arizona.

the brown family's lots on coyote pass
The lots at Coyote Pass, with Janelle’s listed as lot 4. Pic credit: TLC

Although shifts in the family dynamic have likely put a halt on the family’s dream to build each wife their own home on their chosen lots, Sister Wives viewers watched Kody take the first step to building on Coyote Pass. Kody had an underground cistern installed to gather and store water for a well.

Interestingly, Christine’s name remained on her $300,000 lot of land following her split from Kody, leaving many questions for Sister Wives fans.

Last fall, Kody teased his Instagram followers in a since-deleted post, hinting the family was preparing to build on Coyote Pass. Including a spectacular view of the clouds ascending over the mountaintops in a pic, Kody captioned his post, “Our back yard. There was snow, lightning, a rainbow and a sunset of dreams. Love this place. #flagstaff.”

Despite rumors churning that Janelle would be the next of Kody’s wives to leave him, it seems as though at least for now, she’s dedicated to Kody, the family, and staying in Flagstaff.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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