Janelle Brown discusses choosing what her ‘next chapter looks like’ as a newly single woman

Janelle Brown Season 16 confessional
Janelle opened up about her future as a newly single woman no longer in a polygamous marriage. Pic credit: Discovery+

The future is looking bright for Sister Wives star Janelle Brown now that she’s no longer tied to Kody Brown or polygamy.

Rumors had been flying that Janelle followed in Christine Brown’s footsteps and kicked Kody to the curb, and the gossip was substantiated last fall.

During Part 3 of the Sister Wives Season 17 Tell All, Janelle and Kody confirmed their separation, as Monsters and Critics reported.

Janelle, 54, has remained focused on her well-being and has proven her empowerment since becoming a single woman once again.

As the premiere of Season 18 of Sister Wives creeps up – and teases some major drama between Janelle and Kody – Janelle is speaking out about her newfound sense of freedom and exploring a whole new world following her spiritual divorce.

During a recent interview with PEOPLE, Janelle talked about her plans for the future and how she envisions the next chapter of her life.

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is looking forward to ‘redefining’ herself

“For me, at this point in my life — because my marriage is over and I’m no longer part of a plural family — it means, like, I have [the] infinite ability to choose what my next chapter looks like, to redefine myself, to recreate myself, transform into whatever I want to be.”

Janelle continued, “I have so many opportunities now. Huge opportunities. So I’m excited for this next chapter.”

Christine Brown weighs in on Janelle leaving Kody: ‘I just wanted to see her happy’

During her interview, Janelle was joined by her former sister wife and newfound BFF, Christine Brown. Christine pointed out that since Janelle is a single monogamist now, there’s a “whole new frickin’ world out there” that neither of them knew anything about.

Janelle’s decision to leave Kody also makes Christine proud, but ultimately she just wanted Janelle to be happy.

As Christine put it, “I would be proud of Janelle if she stayed with Kody too, just because the choices that she makes are right for her, 100 percent.”

Christine added that whether Janelle decided to stay with Kody or leave their plural marriage, she would be proud either way.

“I just wanted to see her happy and living whatever life she chose for herself,” Christine added.

Sister Wives viewers learned of Janelle and Kody’s split during the Season 17 Tell All when host Sukanya Krishnan asked Kody where their relationship stood at that moment.

“I am separated from Janelle,” Kody revealed.

During her segment, Janelle echoed the sentiment, telling Sukanya, “Kody and I have separated.”

The unraveling of Janelle and Kody’s 29-year-long marriage will play out in Season 18. As viewers watched in the first dramatic teaser that dropped online, seen below, Janelle and Kody got into a heated argument.

While Kody carries on, accusing Janelle of making excuses, she fires back, telling him, “Shut your f**king mouth and let me talk to you for a minute!”

Janelle’s fiery comeback doesn’t sit well with Kody, who gets up and begins to walk out. Janelle grabs Kody’s jacket, trying to coerce him to stay and talk things through, but he storms off, and Janelle sends him off with a good old-fashioned “F**k you!”

Season 18 of Sister Wives premieres on Sunday, August 20, at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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