Janelle Brown called a ‘queen’ as she admits ‘something had to change’ following split from Kody Brown

Janelle Brown confessional
Janelle is thriving after years of struggling. Pic credit: Discovery+

All hail, “Queen” Janelle!

Sister Wives fans are singing Janelle Brown’s praises after she left Kody Brown and began to turn her life around.

When Janelle split from Kody last year, she lost hundreds of pounds of deadweight (if you know what we mean) and transformed herself physically.

Janelle grew tired of Kody playing favorites with Robyn and her kids and him forcing her to choose between him or their children.

All hell broke loose during a heated argument with Kody in Janelle’s Flagstaff apartment, and their explosive disagreement proved to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

After nearly 30 years of spiritual marriage, Janelle and Kody parted ways last fall. Since then, Janelle has focused on empowering herself through her work and healthier lifestyle.

As a Plexus ambassador, Janelle and her sidekick Christine Brown share their business endeavors with their fans on their Instagram page, The Secret to Selfcare.

A recent post by Janelle to the feed showed just how down and out Janelle was while still with Kody Brown.

Janelle Brown shares before-and-after photos of herself and admits ‘something had to change’

The newly single mom of six posted a video compilation with before-and-after photos of herself, first in black-and-white and then in color.

janelle brown posted about struggling on instagram
Janelle admitted that she was struggling. Pic credit: @the_secret_to_selfcare/Instagram

“I knew something had to change,” Janelle captioned the beginning of her video, which portrayed her looking despondent.

Once the video switched to color, Janelle revealed a more recent photo of herself, looking vibrant and healthy, adding the caption, “… and then it did.”

Although Janelle’s video was a plug for her business, her followers couldn’t help but comment on her glow-up, implying that leaving Kody was a major reason for turning her life around.

Sister Wives gush over ‘Queen Janelle’

“Looking great!” wrote one of Janelle’s fans.

Another Instagram user told Janelle, “You look so happy and healthy now…what a beautiful strong woman.”

janelle brown's fans comment on her instagram post
Janelle’s fans love seeing her happier since leaving Kody. Pic credit: @@the_secret_to_selfcare/Instagram

“Love you, @janellebrown117! You are a QUEEN,” exclaimed another Sister Wives fan.

More of Janelle’s admirers headed to the comments to gush over how “amazing” she looks and to remind her that she deserves happiness “and to feel loved.”

janelle brown's fans comment on her instagram post
Janelle’s fans continued to gush over her glow-up. Pic credit: @@the_secret_to_selfcare/Instagram

“Love that smile, you look amazing!!” read another comment from one of Janelle’s enthusiasts.

Janelle’s life after splitting from Kody Brown

Janelle announced her separation from Kody during Part 3 of the Season 17 Tell All, telling host Sukanya Krishnan, “Kody and I have separated, and I’m happy, really happy.”

“I don’t know… things just really became sort of indifferent. Like, I just didn’t care anymore.”

This season on Sister Wives, viewers are getting an up-close look at what broke down Janelle and Kody’s marriage. There was a mixture of resentment for his favoritism towards Robyn, his ridiculous coronavirus pandemic rules, Kody’s lack of support when Janelle had no place to live, and Kody forcing her to choose her loyalties or risk losing her husband.

Janelle admitted that she believed it was Kody’s intention to push her away like many suspect he did with Christine Brown.

“I feel like he’s just looking for ways to get rid of me,” she confessed.

Janelle also revealed that her split from Kody has left her in financial ruin. Because she invested so much into the property at Coyote Pass and never purchased a home, she is left wondering how she’ll support herself post-split.

But off-camera, it looks like Janelle is thriving in her personal and professional lives, with hundreds of thousands of followers on her Instagram pages who love to see her move forward in this next chapter of life.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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