Jana Duggar courtship: When will the Counting On star find someone?

Jana Duggar hasn't entered into a courtship yet
Jana Duggar isn’t in a courtship yet. Pic credit: TLC

Jana Duggar has been pressured about her love life for several years. She is the oldest Duggar daughter and has yet to enter into a courtship.

Back in June, Jana Duggar’s twin brother, John-David announced he was courting Abbie Grace Burnett. The news seemingly came out of nowhere and just a month after that, word came that the two were engaged to be married.

There has been a lot of debate about Jana Duggar finding love. Several suitors have been suggested but nothing has come to fruition for the eldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Why is Jana Duggar not in a courtship?

Counting On fans have been speculating about why Jana Duggar has yet to enter into a courtship. She has admitted on prior episodes of the show that offers have come up but none of them felt right. Jana is very insistent that the right suitor will come along in God’s time, not in her own.

Aside from that, Jana Duggar is helping to raise the Duggar family. She is in charge when Jim Bob and Michelle go away for conferences or vacations. Jana knows how to cook for the large family and she is often seen doing chores around the house including gardening and laundry.

Is Jana gay?

Rumors have been swirling for quite some time now about Jana Duggar and her sexuality. They had died down, but surfaced again recently after John-David announced his engagement.

According to the Duggar’s faith, being gay is considered a sin. Jana Duggar is not believed to be gay, but her lack of a courtship has meant people continue to speculate.

What is Jana doing now?

Right now, Jana Duggar is focused on helping her mom raise the family and enjoying her hobbies. Having a husband doesn’t appear to be weighing heavily on her mind at all, and if it is Jana is good at keeping her emotions under control during her confessionals on Counting On.

Jana has earned the nickname “Cinderella” among some fans, due to the role she plays in the family. She is the only adult daughter who has yet to marry as Jill, Jessa, Jinger and Joy-Anna have all tied the knot and have at least one child each.

If Jana Duggar did decide to court and take things to the next level, the next daughter in line is still a little girl and wouldn’t be able to handle all the tasks Jana does while keeping watch over her younger siblings.

Deciding who to spend your life with is a big decision. Jana Duggar has discussed this in various confessionals while on the show. She isn’t willing to settle and, despite pushback from viewers, she appears to be content in living her life as it is right now.

Counting On airs Monday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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