Jana Duggar calls Jim Bob her hero as the father and daughter duo wear matching jackets

Jana Duggar during a Counting On confessional.
Jana Duggar calls Jim Bob her hero. Pic credit: TLC

Jana Duggar seems to like “twinning” with various family members. She got a lot of attention when she shared a photo of her and Abbie Grace Burnett dressed alike on social media. It was cute because she is married to Jana’s twin, John-David Duggar.

Jinger Duggar recently shared a photo of her and Jana Duggar dressed alike as well. Her big sister was wearing a skirt or dress and a jean jacket while she was wearing pants and a similar jean jacket. The photo was adorable and garnered attention from followers who would like to see the two spend more time together on the West Coast.

Today, Jana Duggar shared a photo with her dad, Jim Bob Duggar. She mentioned they were on the East Coast for work and enjoying seeing some of the sites. Both were also dressed in similar jackets as well. She called her dad one of her best friends and hashtagged it with “my hero.”

Some viewers have taken issue with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar showing up more on Counting On. Many haven’t overlooked the Josh Duggar scandal and hold the parents accountable. Jana Duggar was part of the mess, even speaking out about what happened during that dark time.

Jana Duggar is still very close to her parents and holds them in high regard. She has been the one adult daughter the family can count on, and Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar trust her to rule the roost with the younger siblings.

As for why Jim Bob and Jana Duggar are on the East Coast, there are no details. Their photo came from a beach but wearing winter coats while there has confused some fans. Could it be press for Counting On, or is it an entirely different business venture they are working on?

Counting On airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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