Jamie Otis worried about losing ‘one or both’ of her twins amid emotional pregnancy

MAFS alum Jamie Otis
Jamie Otis opened up about her fears while pregnant. Pic credit: @Hanging with the Hehners/YouTube

Jamie Otis is a ball of nerves now that she’s pregnant with her twin boys, and who could blame her? It’s been a rough journey for the Married at First Sight alum.

Jamie and her husband, Doug Hehner, have been trying for years to expand their family but have experienced one failed attempt after another.

A few years ago, the couple suffered a devastating blow with the death of their son Jonathan, and each year, on his birthday, they pay tribute to their baby boy to keep his memory alive.

Sadly, that wasn’t the only time Doug and Jamie were forced to mourn the loss of a child, as Jamie suffered other miscarriages over the years.

Now, the expectant mama is admittedly worried that she might lose one or both of her twin boys.

Jamie opened up about her concerns on social media, a practice that’s become quite the norm for the Season 1 alum, who has no problem sharing the highs and lows of her life.

Pregnant Jamie Otis admits to fears about losing her twin boys

The MAFS alum posted a lengthy caption and got real about the fears concerning her pregnancy.

Instagram isn’t real, wrote Jamie on the first photo in the Instagram carousel, which showed her and Doug hugging on the beach.

The next snap was a closeup of a tearful Jamie, who wrote, “I’m so sensitive with this pregnancy…I cry a lot.”

As for what keeps bringing the 37-year-old to tears, she revealed that in the next slide.

“After suffering losses in the past, I worry I’ll lose one or both of these babies,” she confessed.

With each slide, the pregnant MAFS star revealed another fear, in one instance admitting that she’s concerned about making sure her two kids, Henley Grace and Hendrix, still feel equally loved when the twins arrive.

Jamie Otis is inching closer to welcoming her baby boys

Jamie opened up even more in the caption of the Instagram post about the fears about losing her boys, reasoning that double the babies means double the hormones.

The MAFS star is more than halfway through her pregnancy journey, but the first trimester was admittedly hard as Jamie was “terrified” she would lose the pregnancy.

We lost our first son Johnathan before having Henley. I lost two other pregnancies before Hendrix,” she shared.

She continued, “Anyone who’s ever lost a baby-especially in second or third trimester- knows that you’re never truly ‘safe’ until your baby is held in your arms.”

Despite the fears, Jamie told her followers that deep down she knows it’s going to be okay.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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