Jamie Otis talks marital issues after finding another women’s underwear in her closet

MAFS alum Jamie Otis talks about the moment she found another woman’s underwear in her closet. Pic credit: Lifetime

Known for keeping it real, Married at First Sight alum, Jamie Otis opens up about the time she found another woman’s underwear in her closet.

“I just started getting really insecure that like maybe he was cheating,” the mother-of-two explained of her husband, Doug Hehner in an interview with Us Weekly. “I found a pair of like, underwear in my closet that weren’t mine and it put me over the edge.”

Jamie Otis talks about the moment she found another women’s underwear in her closet

After welcoming their second child, Jamie admits her and Doug’s sex life took a plunge and it didn’t make things easier when she revealed she found another woman’s underwear in her closet.

Eventually figuring out that the underwear came from communal laundry on a girl’s trip, “I definitely went there and I was like geez, like, I think my husband is cheated on me,” the 33-year-old told the publication.

Explaining that a good sex life was important to both of them, she said, “I know that we haven’t necessarily had the best sex life in comparison to our old sex life.”

Jamie added, “My husband tends to just — I don’t wanna say disappear, but kind of, like, he’ll go grocery shopping for, like, four hours. And I’m like, ‘What are you doing at the grocery store for four hours?’”

The MAFS alum also detailed that the cheating accusation has had lasting consequences in her marriage, telling the story from Doug’s point of view, “Imagine being told that your wife thinks you’re cheating and you haven’t done that.”

While the reality TV personality is all about “sharing solutions” and keeping it real with fans, “I’ve learned through therapy that there are some things that you need to work through yourself as a couple or as a person.”

Not ready to talk about it in detail just yet, the Season 1 star dished, “I’m like we’re still in the midst of it, so I’ll share a little bit more about that when we get through it.”

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner recently moved into an RV amist marital issues

Along with being Married at First Sight’s longest-standing couple, the Hehners recently did something that no one saw coming, and that’s moving into an RV.

Selling most of their possessions, the two hoped the new minimalist lifestyle would help their marriage.

MAFS fans can keep up with Jaime and Doug’s journey on their YouTube channel, Hanging with the Hehners.

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, January 5 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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