Jamie Otis celebrates her pregnancy with nude maternity photo

Jamie Otis poses nude as nears end of her pregnancy.
Jamie bares it all in a stunning maternity photoshoot. Pic credit: Lifetime

Jamie Otis celebrated her pregnancy with a nude maternity photo, baring her body to fans on social media. The Married at First Sight alum is ready to give birth to her second child with husband, Doug Hehner, any day now.

As her pregnancy comes to an end and Jamie prepares to welcome her son into the world, she reflects back on her journey to becoming a mother again.

Baring in all in raw nude maternity photo

Over the weekend, Jamie shared a series of raw and gorgeous photos highlighting her growing baby bump. In a lengthy message, she let fans know how she felt as she entered the final weeks of pregnancy.

“I promised God I wouldn’t complain about any pregnancy pains if he’d just let me keep this baby. Monday, I am 39 weeks pregnant!!! I won’t complain about the waddle, the Hemorrhoids, the fatigue, and back pains. God’s kept his promise, and I’m keeping mine!” she expressed in part of her caption.

Jamie went on to explain that her only regret was that she had put more effort into bonding with her baby boy throughout the pregnancy. Previously, she suffered two miscarriages, causing Jamie to metaphorically hold her breath after learning she was expecting again.

The previous fertility issues made it challenging for Jamie to enjoy her pregnancy. Each milestone gave her more confidence that. she would carry her son to term.

Now Jamie is ready to meet her son, Hayes, who will join big sister Henley.

“I can’t wait to smell his newborn scent & stare at the wonder of his tiny toes. I am so excited to have a home birth and have the opportunity to have the calmness of my own home so that I can bond and connect on a deeper level with our baby Hayes,” she said as she ended the caption included with her nude maternity photoshoot, seen here.

Jamie talks difference in pregnancies

Last week Jamie got candid regarding the difference in her two pregnancies, mainly in terms of the weight she gained.

Getting through a stressful time while needing to get tested for COVID-19 — for which she tested negative — and also when planning for a home birth, Jamie revealed she gain 55 pounds during this pregnancy.

On Instagram, Jamie shared side-by-side photos of her two pregnancies while expressing that she felt so much bigger the second time around. Jamie joked that her son must be one big baby.

She also said that peanut butter ice cream was her craving during this pregnancy.

The wait is almost over for Married at First Sight couple Jamie Otis and her husband, Doug Hehner. They will soon be a family of four, with the second time mom marking the end of her pregnancy with a nude maternity photoshoot as she waits to give birth.

Married at First Sight is on hiatus.

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