James on Vanderpump Rules’ parents: Who are Andros and Jacqueline Georgiou?

James Kennedy is having difficulty balancing his parents
Jacqueline Georgiou is James Kennedy’s mom. Pic credit: Bravo

James Kennedy has a rough relationship with his parents. Earlier this year, his mom appeared on Vanderpump Rules to talk to Lisa Vanderpump about her son. Jacqueline Georgiou made another appearance on tonight’s episode, and now, viewers want more information.

Things between James Kennedy’s parents fell apart and the two split. He has alluded to helping to support his parents and siblings on Vanderpump Rules. Not only did losing his gig at SUR affect him, but it also affected his family.

How does Lisa Vanderpump know James Kennedy’s parents?

While it would appear they are old friends, Lisa Vanderpump has known Jacqueline and Andros Georgiou for only a short while. They were officially introduced by Bruno Tonioli a few years prior to Vanderpump Rules airing.

Before that, Vanderpump met Andros a few times while in London, and when he was managing George Michael.

Both Jacqueline and Andros asked Lisa Vanderpump to hire James Kennedy on as a barback or busser in SUR. At that point, the show had already been airing but was not yet the phenomenon that it is today. Obviously, she obliged.

What is going on with James Kennedy’s parents?

During the show tonight, James Kennedy opened up about his responsibilities and what his parents expect. He was seeing a therapist and explaining to her what the issues were.

Jacqueline Georgiou was a model years ago and had bit acting parts and his father, Andros Georgiou was George Michael’s manager. Their lifestyle was lavish, and now, James is their means of financial support.

Breaking down in tears, it was apparent that the breakdown of his parents’ marriage has weighed heavily on James Kennedy. He was very upset that his mom complains to him about his father and the vicious circle continues on repeat.

It is unclear where James Kennedy stands with his parents in the present time, but his mom did take to social media to stand up for him amid the Katie Maloney drama. Of course, that may have been for show, but it looks like they still have a relationship.

Vanderpump Rules airs on Monday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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