James Kennedy’s mom on Vanderpump Rules: Who is Jacqueline Georgiou?

Jacqueline Georgiou talking to Lisa Vanderpump on Vanderpump Rules
Jacqueline Georgiou begs Lisa Vanderpump to let James Kennedy keep his job. Pic credit: Bravo

James Kennedy’s mom showed up on Vanderpump Rules again. She made a brief appearance earlier this season when his entire family sat down for a dinner. Kennedy’s relationship with his mom is complicated because of several issues.

Jacqueline Georgiou is famous in her own right. She has modeled all over the world and done a bit of acting as well.

She was married to James Kennedy’s father for quite some time but the two haven’t always been happy. In fact, when she showed up on Vanderpump Rules to break the news of a divorce to James, viewers were left speechless.

Why was Jacqueline Georgiou on Vanderpump Rules again?

Tonight, Jacqueline Georgiou showed up to talk to Lisa Vanderpump. The two have been friendly for years, even when there were some complicated things happening. It was clear that Lisa was impressed with how her old friend looked, mentioning it to her during their conversation.

Alcohol has been a battle for Jacqueline Georgiou. She revealed that she was nine months sober, an accomplishment that was praised by Lisa Vanderpump. The main reason for the conversation wasn’t to catch up though. James Kennedy and his downward spiral was the reason behind it.

When Lisa revealed that Jamie Kennedy had been getting into trouble with his mouth and she had to fire him, Jacqueline Georgiou became distraught. Unfortunately, she didn’t help matters. Things are less complicated then they were a few years ago but the problems remain the same.

The mother and son relationship is strained

Back when James Kennedy was dating Kristen Doute, Jacqueline Georgiou reportedly stole from her. It was later revealed that the credit card in question had been used to get Botox.

With the drinking issues she battled, Jacqueline expected her son to grow up faster.

James Kennedy revealed that due to her drinking, he moved out as soon as he turned 18. Leaving his brothers behind to deal with the chaos wasn’t something he was proud of, and now, he is working to help support his family.

It doesn’t look like Jacqueline and James have repaired their relationship which is causing some friction. They may not have the typical mother and son bond, but it is clear they love another.

Despite everything that happened between them, their dynamic appears to have remained steady. Unfortunately, some tough love may be in order for the two of them.

Vanderpump Rules airs 9/8c on Bravo.

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