James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss rumored to have ended engagement at Vanderpump Rules reunion

VPR stars James and Raquel.
Rumor has it some serious drama went down with James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss during the VPR reunion. Pic credit: Bravo

James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss‘ Season 9 storylines have mostly consisted of their engagement news and James’ elaborate proposal. However, rumors are now swirling that the Vanderpump Rules stars have called off their engagement during the VPR reunion.

The filming of Season 9’s reunion episode took place on Friday, December 3, and it didn’t take long for rumors to emerge. One of those is that James and Raquel’s love isn’t going to last.

Over on social media, Bravobygays was the first to call out the rumor with a witty comment that the pair’s love wasn’t made to last.

Have James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss split after their engagement played out in Season 9 of Vanderpump Rules?

The initial Instagram post called out the rumor that James and Raquel were done in a post that included a picture from their proposal episode. Vanderpump Rules viewers will recall all the details and effort that went into preparing for Rachella (a play on Raquel’s name and their favorite festival, Coachella.)

Above the picture @bravobygays wrote, “word on the street is this photo didnt age well!!! VPR reunion taped today and it sounds like James may actually have something in common with the real Kanye…He’s now single!”

The caption of the post cheekily added, “Alexa, play we are never ever getting back together (Taylors version)”

Despite these initial rumors, James and Raquel still follow each other on their respective social media channels, and if the split rumors are true, neither of them has taken the first step in removing one another from their social media profiles.

Of course, this could also be because they’re waiting for the reunion to air before making such drastic moves. But it begs the question, did something happen that caused either one of them to call it off?

Vanderpump Rules fans dissect Instagram Stories and want better for Raquel

Shortly after the rumor dropped, Vanderpump Rules viewers took to Reddit and weighed in with their opinions on the latest gossip.

While some claimed that Raquel deserved better, others were already attempting to dissect the legitimacy of the rumor by playing through the cast’s Instagram Stories from the taping.

“I truly never got what she saw in him and I actually like James. She’s just so far outta his league. Good for her,” read one comment.

Screenshot from Reddit thread about James and Raquel's rumored split.
Pic credit: u/HeadMischief/Reddit

Another fan said, “I really hope this is true. She’s been trying to come out of her shell more this season. I want better for Raquel.”

Screenshot from Reddit thread about James and Raquel's rumored split.
Pic credit: u/cfullylove/Reddit

“To me, Raquel deserves a Ryan Reynolds -esque guy. So if this [is] true, I hope she has a fairytale ending because she deserves it,” they wrote.

When one user commented that they’d recently been in each other’s Instagram Stories, another pointed out the possibility that something really went down based on Brock Davies’ IG Stories.

Screenshots from Brock Davies IG stories.
Pic credit: @brock__davies/Instagram

“Eh, he [James] didn’t look too happy in Brock’s video. Hers was from the beginning, if it happened during [the reunion] he would be fine in hers from earlier. But Brock’s [Instagram Stories] was mid way through and Raquel walked out alone and James looked super serious with Ariana [Madix],” They wrote.

Screenshot from Reddit thread about James and Raquel's rumored split.
Pic credit: u/_hearitinthesiclence/Reddit & @u/JennHatesYou/Reddit

We’ll have to wait until the arrival of the Season 9 reunion to see if James and Raquel actually manage to make it out unscathed or if their fairytale has truly come to an end.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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