Jamal and River get flirty with 90 Day Fiance newbie Sophie

Sophie Sierra and Jamal Menzies Instagram selfies
Sophie Sierra ignores Jamal Menzies on social media. Pic credit: @sophiesierra98/@jdmzie/Instagram

Jamal Menzies and River Knight Everett were trying their best to get the attention of 90 Day Fiance newbie Sophie during one of her Live videos.

Either that or they were keen on learning about skincare, makeup, and fashion tips when they hopped on her social media channel.

Sophie didn’t pay them any attention, but now people are sharing their opinions on which of the two would be a good match over her current boyfriend, Rob Warne.

Interestingly, Sophie filmed her latest video inside a bathroom, and a nice one at that, which could mean she’s kicked Rob to the curb.

We already learned in the latest episode that he doesn’t like bougie things, such as indoor bathrooms. That’s what he told the UK native when she complained about having to go outside to use the bathroom.

The amount of gaslighting that spewed from Rob in that episode, it’s a surprise his bathroom-less abode didn’t catch on fire.

Viewers have been bashing the 32-year-old over his attitude, so let’s hope he changes his ways before another TLC star snatches away his fiance.

Jamal Menzies and River Everett try to get Sophie’s attention online

Sophie has caught the eyes of some familiar 90 Day Fiance stars, including Jamal Menzies — the son of Kimberly Menzies — and River from The Family Chantel.

Sophie was live on Instagram a few hours ago for her first “get ready with me video,” and it seems Jamal and River wanted to get ready with her.

The men commented on the video, but they each took a different approach.

Jamal tried to be funny, writing, “Do you eat tea and crumpets?” and “Are you on a TV show? No way.”

By the way, last we checked, Jamal was dating Veronica Rodriguez, but to be fair, she also gave him permission to date other women, so this might not be a big deal.

River opted to give the 23-year-old a sweet compliment and wrote,” Your skin is glowing.”

However, Sophie was focused on getting ready, and she did not respond to any of their comments.

90 Day Fiance viewers think River and Jamal would be better than Rob

After a screenshot of River and Jamal’s comments were posted on Instagram, people commented on the post.

Unfortunately for Rob, 90 Day Fiance viewers are convinced that either of the men would be a better match for Sophie than he is.

“Jamal or River would treat her better than that current dude,” wrote one commenter.

“She would make a cute couple with River but his family would get way too involved,” said someone else.

90 Day Fiance viewers comments
Pic credit: @merrypants/Instagram

One person said, “Get it Jamal, shoot your shot boy.”

Another added, “They probably both have bathrooms in their apartments and could fund her lifestyle she is used to 🤷🏻‍♀️.”

Season 10 of 90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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