Jake Foulger gives sobriety update to Below Deck fans

Jake Foulger
Jake Foulger got real with Below Deck fans in an announcement about his sobriety. Pic credit: Bravo

Rowdy Season 9 of Below Deck star Jake Foulger lets fans on social media know he has tamed his ways.

In a surprising share, Jake announced that he was 30 days clean. He didn’t elaborate on what led to his decision to get sober but did decide to share his accomplishment with Below Deck fans on Instagram.

Jake was the lead deckhand on the show and became known for his wild antics while drinking, which frequently included taking his clothes off and making out with either Rayna Lindsey or Fraser Olender.

On Instagram, Jake has been candid with followers about his mental health struggles and how he has tried to get better, so his sobriety share was the most recent way he opened up.

Jake Foulger let Below Deck fans know about his sobriety achievement

Jake used his Instagram stories to share a picture of a keychain he received for being 30 days sober.

The keychain read, “Clean and serene for thirty days.”

In his post, Jake did not detail the steps he was taking to maintain sobriety or any background on his decision to refrain from substances.

In any case, Below Deck viewers got used to seeing Jake’s drinking and the loose things he would do while drunk. With that in mind, Jake’s sobriety journey will be new for Below Deck fans to look out for and support.

Jake Foulger's Instagram story
Jake shared a personal achievement with Below Deck fans. Pic credit: @jakefoulger1/Instagram

Controversial Season 9 star Rayna Lindsey has also been very public about her struggles with alcohol and her current recovery and sobriety journey.

Below Deck has been renewed for Season 10

In late May of 2022, Bravo announced a Below Deck milestone by renewing the flagship show for a tenth season.

The details, release date, and whether Captain Lee will once again be the figurehead of the yacht and show remain to be seen.

In the meantime, Below Deck viewers can enjoy Season 7 of Med, which just aired its premiere episode earlier this week.

The newest franchise spinoff, Below Deck Adventure, is also slated to begin in the Fall of 2022, so fans don’t have to worry about having a lapse in programming.

Below Deck fans were just spoiled for the first time by having two spinoffs running simultaneously in Sailing Yacht and Down Under.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 premiers on Monday, July 11 at 8/7c, on Bravo, with the first episode already available on Peacock.

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