Jade Cline says she’s ‘sick’ and having a ‘mental breakdown’ watching her daughter Kloie be sedated

Jade Cline and Kloie Austin of Teen Mom 2
Jade Cline had a “mental breakdown” and felt “literally sick” watching her daughter Kloie be sedated for surgery. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline revealed that her daughter Kloie has to undergo dental surgery and said that watching her be sedated gave her a “whole mental breakdown.”

Jade revealed to her followers that her three-year-old daughter underwent dental surgery on Thursday, August 26.

Jade Cline is having a ‘mental breakdown’ over daughter Kloie’s surgery

The MTV star first took to Twitter on Wednesday night to tell her followers that Kloie would be having surgery on Thursday morning.

“Pleaseee keep klo in your thoughts. My little girl is having dental surgery in the morning. Since she is so young she has to be put to sleep for her procedure and i’m under so much stress just worrying about my little girl and wanting her to feel better,” Jade tweeted to her 91.8k followers.

On Thursday morning, Jade updated her followers and let them know that Kloie had been sedated for her surgery, and she struggled watching her daughter be put under.

“having a whole mental breakdown. Watching your child be sedated is the scariest s**t. Literally sick. I just want my baby back in my arms right now,” Jade tweeted.

Jade, 24, shares her daughter Kloie with her on-and-off boyfriend and baby daddy, Sean Austin, 27.

jade cline of teen mom 2 tweeted about daughter kloie's dental surgery
Jade tweeted about her daughter Kloie’s dental surgery. Pic credit: @jade_desere/Twitter

The hot-and-cold couple came under fire last season on Teen Mom 2 for their treatment of daughter Kloie.

Jade and Sean’s treatment of Kloie caught the attention of Teen Mom 2 fans

Teen Mom 2 fans watched as Jade and Sean argued incessantly, often over disciplining Kloie, who was struggling with some typical toddler behaviors.

Jade and Sean often screamed at Kloie and put her in her room, and many felt they didn’t treat the toddler appropriately, and said it was “hard to watch” them discipline her.

Jade even claimed during one episode that Kloie’s behavior was embarrassing her on camera, and she insisted that MTV’s camera crews stop filming, which sparked backlash from Teen Mom 2 fans.

Jade later went on to backtrack and somewhat defend her actions, telling her followers that MTV chose to edit her segments to show more “difficult times” rather than positive ones.

“We bond a lot, we play together, we learn together, and we have a really great relationship. She’s a very happy and intelligent young girl. Moral of the story is you can’t believe every single thing you see on TV and think that’s how life is for us 24/7,” Jade said of her relationship with Kloie.

Was Jade possibly hinting at Kloie’s impending surgery when she mentioned what she was “going through”?

As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, Jade mentioned earlier this week that she was “going through” some challenges in her life when she tweeted, “If y’all only knew what I was going through in life right now ..”

Here’s to hoping for a full, speedy recovery for Kloie!

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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