Jade Cline looks to be on the hunt for a new man as she approaches her goal weight after BBL surgery

Jade Cline of Teen Mom 2
Sean who? Jade Cline is seemingly on the prowl for a new man after her Brazilian butt lift surgery. Pic credit: MTV

It looks like Jade Cline is on the search for a new man as the Teen Mom 2 star continues to work on her figure after having a Brazilian butt lift earlier this year.

The 24-year-old MTV star underwent a Brazilian butt lift and full-body liposuction, as documented on Teen Mom 2 this season.

Jade’s recovery from surgery was a major storyline on the show this season, as well as her relationship with her baby daddy, Sean Austin.

Now, it looks like Jade is searching for a new man in her life and is proud of where she is amid her body transformation goals.

Jade shared a series of tweets on Friday, August 21, detailing an outfit she was going to wear for a night out, losing weight after her surgery, and asking if any good men still exist.

Jade Cline is looking for a good man with her new body

The mom of one first tweeted, “Yo this outfit I’m bout to wear tonight is TOP TIER,” though she didn’t share a pic of the outfit.

Next, she told her Twitter followers, “Y’all I’ve been working so hard to get fit and stay thin after my bbl. I’m down almost 10lbs . 5 lbs from my goal weight!”

jade cline of teen mom 2 on twitter tweets about finding a man and improving her figure
Jade’s tweets, including her deleted tweet. Pic credit: @jade_desere/Twitter

Jade then retweeted a tweet that read, “The Gemini in me can love & obsess over you one minute & the next [I] want nothing to do with you. . Gotta catch me while [I] care[.]”

Jade’s last tweet of the night asked her followers, “Are all the good men taken orrrrr????”

Jade has since deleted the tweet.

With an impressive new figure, it seems like Jade wants to show off what she paid for, plus what she’s worked for.

What is Jade Cline and Sean Austin’s relationship status?

Jade and her ex/baby daddy Sean have a rocky past and have broken up and gotten back together several times. This season, Teen Mom 2 viewers watched Sean propose to Jade, though she rejected his proposal.

The hot-and-cold couple are parents to daughter Kloie, 3. Sean and Jade received major backlash this season for their treatment of Kloie, which Teen Mom 2 viewers deemed “hard to watch.”

In March 2021, Jade sparked rumors that she and Sean were engaged when she was spotted sporting a huge sparkler on her left ring finger.

Less than one month later, Jade was confirming that she and Sean had broken up and told her fans they could “have him.”

So, why would Jade have deleted her tweet about all of the “good men” being taken? Perhaps she and Sean smoothed things over in the last 24 hours and are “on” again.

Whatever the case may be, good luck trying to keep up — it seems like Jade and Sean have a love-hate relationship and like to keep fans and critics guessing about the status of their relationship.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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