Jade Cline claps back at Teen Mom 2 viewers for ‘horrible’ comments about Kloie’s video chat with Sean

Jade Cline of Teen Mom 2
Jade Cline came under fire for her parenting once again and defended herself and Sean. Pic credit: MTV

Jade Cline found herself on the defensive after Teen Mom 2 viewers called out her parenting after Tuesday night’s episode.

Jade’s on-again boyfriend and baby daddy Sean Austin checked himself into rehab this season on Teen Mom 2 to deal with his drug addiction.

While he was away, Jade video-called Sean alongside their 4-year-old daughter, Kloie. During their chat, Jade encouraged Kloie to talk to Sean, as she was being “grouchy” because she was sleepy.

When Jade held the phone for Kloie to talk to her dad, the preschooler began to cry as Jade tried to get her to participate in the conversation.

Many Teen Mom 2 viewers felt that Jade was being too pushy with Kloie and could have handled the video call differently. Teen Mom shared a clip of the scene on their official Instagram where Teen Mom 2 viewers weighed in on Jade’s segment.

Apparently, some of the viewers’ comments were enough to garner Jade’s attention, as she took to the comments herself to leave a long-winded message for those who made “horrible” comments about her and her family.

Jade Cline claps back after critics leave ‘horrible’ comments about her life

“Really sad to see the horrible things some of you people say,” Jade wrote in the comments section of the clip. “This is our real life, we don’t hide s**t like some people. At least we are open and show how hard real life can be.”

Jade explained that addiction is a complicated disease that affects everyone differently. She added that most importantly, Kloie is happy.

“Addiction [affects] so many people in the world and we want to show that PEOPLE CAN CHANGE with the proper steps and help,” Jade continued. “One thing that I know for sure is Kloie is happy and healthy. We are in a great spot.”

Jade also reminded viewers that they only see a portion of her life on Teen Mom 2.

“You’ve never lived a day in our lives so it’s easy to judge through a screen. You have to remember we are all human and doing what’s best for Kloie. We are all happy and healthy and that’s what matters. ❤️”

jade's comment to trolls on teen mom's IG post
Pic credit: @teenmom/Instagram

Some of the comments Jade was likely referring to mentioned how things with Kloie could have been handled differently.

Teen Mom 2 viewers bash how Jade handled Kloie during call with Sean

“She goes about this parenting thing all wrong!” wrote one of Jade’s critics. Another penned, “Poor baby… she no grouch… she been traumatised through all the yelling and negativity in that house.”

teen mom 2 viewers commented on jade's parenting skills on IG
Pic credit: @teenmom/Instagram

“I always feel bad for that little girl,” commented another Teen Mom 2 fan. “Hope Sean sees how he makes her cry and does better by her. That kid needs her daddy. ?,” read another comment.

Jade and Sean’s parenting has come under fire on more than one occasion. Last year, Jade explained that she spends a lot of time with Kloie and things aren’t always as they seem on TV.

Jade told her fans, “Moral of the story is you can’t believe every single thing you see on TV and think that’s how life is for us 24/7.”

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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