Jade Cline addresses beef with Jenelle Evans following premiere of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter

Teen Mom 2 alums Jade Cline and Jenelle Evans
Jade opened up about not getting along with Jenelle. Pic credit: MTV and Jenelle Eason/YouTube

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star Jade Cline cleared the air about the beef between herself and her Teen Mom 2 predecessor, Jenelle Evans.

Jade, who recently got engaged to Sean Austin, became Jenelle’s replacement on the Teen Mom 2 cast after Jenelle was fired by MTV in 2019 because of her husband David Eason’s actions.

Since joining the cast, Jade has also appeared on Season 1 of Teen Mom Family Reunion and is part of the new Teen Mom 2-Teen Mom OG combined-cast spinoff, The Next Chapter.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter premiered on Tuesday night and during Briana DeJesus’ segment, she planned her lawsuit victory party. Jade, who is one of Briana’s BFFs, was in Florida for the affair as they were setting up.

As Teen Mom fans know, Jenelle showed up at Briana’s party and will make an appearance on The Next Chapter this season. However, when Briana said that Jenelle reached out to her and was planning on attending, Jade didn’t hide the fact that she wasn’t excited about seeing her.

When Jade was asked how she felt about Jenelle coming, she said, “I mean… I took her like position so it’s a little awkward, yeah, probably. I mean, she talks a bunch of s**t online about me and my family.”

Jade Cline admits she ‘doesn’t care’ to be Jenelle Evans’ friend on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter

Briana’s other BFF Shae wanted to know how Jade would react when Jenelle walked through the door. Jade told her friends, “I don’t care to be friendly. I have enough friends. I don’t care to be her friend. I don’t care. I’m definitely not over here being fake cool, though.”

Following the episode, Jade took to her Instagram Stories to engage in a Q&A with her followers. One of the questions from a fan read, “Why don’t you and [Jenelle] get along?”

Jade explained that she and Jenelle didn’t necessarily have any beef since they’d never met, and said that ultimately, everything worked itself out.

Jade explains beef with Jenelle since replacing her on Teen Mom 2 cast

“It’s not [that] we didn’t get along, we had never met or had a convo and when I came to TM2 originally there was a lot going on online so I wasn’t sure how she was going to approach the situation but she was nice to everyone including myself so it all worked out fine.”

jade cline's IG story slide explaining her beef with jenelle evans
Pic credit: @jadecline_/Instagram

As Monsters and Critics reported, Jenelle told her fans that she decided to attend Briana’s party at the last minute. The former MTV star signed an agreement allowing the network’s cameras to film her, although she won’t be a regular cast member.

Ultimately, Jenelle was glad she made the trek from North Carolina to Florida for the party, noting there were no arguments, and said she “got along with everyone.”

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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