Jacob Rapini takes responsibility for his breakup with Jill Chin after Bachelor in Paradise

Jacob Rapini
Jacob Rapini shares a self-loathing post about his breakup with Jill Chin. Pic credit: ABC

Jacob Rapini is standing up and taking full responsibility for why his second chance at love with Jill Chin didn’t quite work out.

The two appeared as memorable contestants on the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise, where Jacob ended his relationship with Jill mid-season after finding another connection during the show’s “Split Week.”

Not all hope was lost, however, as Jacob decided to publicly ask Jill to be his girlfriend again during last week’s reunion.

Although the two may have left the episode in each other’s arms, Jill announced this week that the two had already broken up.

While she appeared on the Click Bait podcast to give her side of the story, Jill said the long-distance relationship ended due to Jacob’s lack of communication, her standards not being met, and a lack of trust between the two.

On Friday, Jacob took to Instagram to address the breakup and take accountability for everything Jill had said.

Jacob Rapini takes responsibility for his breakup with Jill Chin post-Bachelor in Paradise

“You were the right person at the wrong time,” Jacob started off his post.

He continued to say that Jill gave 100% to the relationship while he only gave 80%, agreeing that he lacked in communication and “showing up” for her.

Jacob explained that his “readiness of commitment” was the ultimate downfall of their relationship, along with his own insecurities.

“I wasn’t there to give you my whole heart because of my insecurities. I have a lot of refinement to do before I can mentally and spiritually be there,” he said.

He finished the post by saying that he deserves to be alone and wishing Jill, an “angel,” good luck on her “journey.”

Jill Chin says Jacob Rapini wasn’t ready for a relationship

While appearing on the Click Bait podcast earlier this week, Jill described the unsuccessful relationship as a “failure to launch.”

She continued to say that “lines were crossed” while the two were trying to make it work, and Jacob wasn’t ready to commit — something he clearly took accountability for.

Although she never wanted to make their relationship public, Jacob made the grand gesture during the BIP reunion, and therefore she felt the need to update fans on their current situation.

While they may no longer be together, Jill says she has no ill will towards Jacob and knows he will find the right partner someday if he “puts in the work.”

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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