Jackie Christie’s daughters feud on Instagram after Ta’kari wishes Chantel a happy birthday

Jackie Christie's daughter Ta'Kari Christie Lee
Jackie Christie’s daughter Ta’Kari Christie Lee

Jackie Christie’s daughter Chantel Christie celebrated her birthday a few days ago and her sister, Ta’Kari Christie Lee, was quick to send her birthday wishes via Instagram.

The problem is, Chantel wasn’t having it. Whatever may be going on behind the scenes for Jackie Christie’s daughters ended up spilling out all over in the comments of the post, much to the shock of Basketball Wives fans.

The happy birthday Instagram post has since been deleted but The Shade Room and Quick with the Tea grabbed screenshots, allowing the latest Basketball Wives beef to live on.

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While it looks like Ta’kari may have been using her post to Chantel to let others know that they were good, they clearly were not. Chantel was quick to shoot back at her big sister, letting her know that if she really wanted to send birthday wishes, she should have picked up the phone.

“I’ll start by saying thanks because it’s the polite thing to do but to be honest… you easily could’ve text me this, accompanied by a personal apology for all the s*** you’ve said and done, both publicly and privately,” Chantel began her birthday rant. “I’m not with the public shenanigans anymore that’s why I’ve been quiet. I don’t have no ill wishes towards you but this ain’t genuine and you know that.”

“You put this up for your followers and the blogs. So you can carry on this sad sappy charade like no one gives a f*** about you don’t want nothing to do w you etc. I’VE BEEN THERE FOR YOU and for you and dare you to say otherwise. I stopped f***ing with you off strength of YOU and YOUR poor decisions. Has nothing to do with mom. You know how I get down,” Chantel continued.

Ta’Kari responded again, only to tag Chantel again and tell her, “You got it!” followed by a string of various heart emojis and another happy birthday wish.

If there were any questions about the current state of the relationship between Jackie Christie’s daughters, there you have it. In the past, the two women have been cordial on social media but it looks like there’s no longer peace in the family.

Ta’Kari Christie Lee’s animosity toward her Basketball Wives star mother Jackie Christie is years-long and no secret among viewers. Last season, the drama seemed to boil over after Ta’kari posted a GoFundMe to help her care for an injured child.

Evelyn Lozada donated $3500 to the cause, putting Jackie’s daughter well over her goal amount. The donation caused quite a bit of tension on the VH1 show and fueled a nasty feud between Evelyn and Jackie.

It’s not really shocking that Jackie Christie’s drama with her own daughter popped right back up again as soon as Season 7 of Basketball Wives started. What is surprising is that Chantel called Ta’Kari out publicly all the while, saying her sister should have kept all their drama private.

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