Ivan Hall says ‘walk a mile in my shoes’ after brother is charged and arrested for murder

Ivan Hall and accused murderer brother Gabriel Hall
Ivan Hall speaks out after his brother Gabriel was arrested for murder. Pic credit: ABC/Taylor County Sheriff’s Dept

Ivan Hall has been vocal about how much his family means to him ever since he first appeared on The Bachelorette Season 16.

Despite challenges within his family, Ivan appears to continue to keep his head up and move forward and it seems he is doing just that in the face of his brother’s serious charges,

Ivan Hall shares a reflective post after reports of his brother’s arrest 

Ivan Hall’s brother Gabriel recently made headlines for a shocking reason. 

Monsters & Critics obtained court records that revealed Gabriel’s arrest and charges. TMZ was first to report on the arrest.

Gabriel was charged with murder in October after a dispute with a local man led to the man being fatally shot in the head and his body being found in a convenience store parking lot.

Gabriel was later arrested and charged with the murder. He also faces charges for class B tresspass and possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver.

While Ivan understandably hasn’t directly addressed the news, he did share a post since the news broke with a simple yet impactful caption. 

In the melancholic photo, Ivan walks on the sidewalk wearing bright white shoes, black pants, and a bright red shirt, along with a necklace and watch. The Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 star stares off into the distance with a pensive expression and his hands in his pockets. 

Ivan captioned the photo with a phrase that could suggest he’s encouraging others to be thoughtful about the journey he’s been on. Ivan’s caption read, “Walk a mile in my shoes.” 

Ivan Hall’s brother appeared on The Bachelorette 

The Bachelorette viewers will recall that Ivan’s brother, Gabriel, made an appearance on The Bachelorette Season 16 when he surprised Ivan during his hometown date with Tayshia Adams. 

Throughout the season, fan-favorite Ivan had vulnerably opened up to Tayshia about his family and more specifically his brother’s storied past. Ivan revealed that his brother previously served four years in prison and Ivan stepped up as an uncle to his nieces while their father was incarcerated. 

Ivan Hall's brother Gabriel on The Bachelorette
Ivan Hall’s brother Gabriel visited him on The Bachelorette prior to his arrest. Pic credit: ABC

Ivan was immediately emotional when seeing Gabriel show up for his hometown date and he gushed about how much he loves his older brother even despite life taking them two very different routes. 

During hometowns, Ivan shared, “It’s very special for me to have my brother here; he grew up by my side and knows me best. At the end of the day, he’s my best friend…”

Gabriel shared Ivan’s sentiments during the episode and shared, “You’re my best friend, I look up to you. It’s just unfortunate that when I got dropped in the water, you guys had to learn how to ride the waves as well.”

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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