It’s over for Corinne Olympios and boyfriend Vincent Fratantoni after nearly 2 years of dating

Corinne Olympios on the red carpet
Bachelor Nation star Corinne Olympios has split up with Vincent Frantantoni after almost two years of dating and living together. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/ImagePressAgency

Bachelor Nation star Corinne Olympios and her boyfriend Vincent Fratantoni split up just ahead of their 2-year anniversary.

Corinne got a reputation for being the resident villain on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor.

She became renowned for having a nanny in her mid-20s who helped her with chores like laundry.

It seems that Corinne has done a bit of maturing since then and started dating Vincent in late 2019.

Unfortunately, the couple has announced that they called it quits and have actually been broken up for a bit of time now.

“We broke up about two months ago. I wish her nothing but the best,” Vincent told Us Weekly. “I don’t wish anything bad about her and [I] don’t have anything bad to say about her.”

Why Bachelor Nation star Corinne and Vincent broke up

Even Vincent’s breakup message shows that Corinne has matured and that their breakup was amicable.

“We are both moving in different directions. I do hope she finds someone who works for her — it’s just not me,” he explained.

A source close to the couple also weighed in and explained that their differing lifestyles were the biggest cause of their break up.

“They weren’t meant to be. He’s a more private person. She’s more out there and is best fitted for reality TV,” the insider notes. “She was tame when she was with him and he got to see this other side of her.”

Many Bachelor viewers felt that Corinne’s over-the-top personality was put on and now that’s proving to be both true and not true.

While she has a dramatic side to her, there’s reportedly a more down-to-earth side to her which is likely why a lot of the other Bachelor Nation stars and even contestants from her season got along with her once filming wrapped.

Fortunately for Vincent, it seems he got to see that side of her as well.

The two had moved rather quickly. Corinne moved into his place just two months after they started dating.

Since then, Corinne has understandably moved out from his place in Arizona and is moving back to Miami.

What Corinne has been up to since her time on The Bachelor

Corinne was deemed a villain in The Bachelor Season 21. Her high entertainment factor brought her back for Bachelor in Paradise Season 4.

While she didn’t have much success with finding love on the franchise, she has built herself a successful career.

She is the CEO and founder of Aura Sugar Co and hosts her own podcast called Corinne Saves Us All.

She’s also now enjoying the single life outside of the Bachelor franchise.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus at ABC.

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