Ish Soto net worth: Here’s what we know about the Siesta Key executive producer’s assets

Learn more about Siesta Key's Madisson Hausburg's boyfriend Ish Soto net worth
Learn more about Madisson’s boyfriend and ex-producer on Siesta Key Ish Soto. Pic credit: @ishsoto1/Instagram

Ismael (Ish) Soto has been a new feature on this season of Siesta Key. However, Ish is a former executive producer of the reality series.

After he left the show, he started dating cast member Madisson Hausburg. The pair reconnected while both were living in Los Angeles.

The Siesta Key cast was shocked to learn that Madisson was dating Ish and her family wasn’t thrilled either. Her father has shown his disapproval of the couple so far this season on the series.

Now that Ish is not working on Siesta Key, what is he doing?

During this season, he is working in Canada and made one appearance on the show before heading off to his job up north.

Ish is currently the co-executive producer on the show The Curse of Oak Island

According to Linkedin, he is currently the co-executive producer for Prometheus Entertainment. He is currently working on The Curse of Oak Island on the History Channel.

Ish has worked on that reality show since March 2018.

His Linkedin profile also reports that he was the co-executive producer on Siesta Key from May 2017 until November 2017.

Ish’s personal net worth is not available online. However, the general yearly payscale for executive producers is around $100,000.

In Los Angeles, the pay rate is higher with an executive producer making up to 76 percent more than in other locations. He graduated from Indiana University in 1995.

Ish has worked in the industry for over a decade

He worked as a producer since 2008, according to his Linkedin profile. He moved up to bigger and better projects over the years.

In recent years, he has also been a co-executive producer on Stranded With a Million Dollars, Naked and Afraid, The Amazing Race, and The Great Escape.

It appears Ish and Madisson are still going strong. He posted an adorable selfie of himself with Madisson on Valentine’s Day. He wrote, “My Valentine now and forever!!”

On a recent episode of Siesta Key, Madisson experienced a pregnancy scare. She FaceTimed Ish crying, but learned later she was not pregnant.

In another episode, the couple appeared to break up. Both of their Instagram pages show they got back together at some point.

However, if Ish and Madisson stay together, it seems he has a very stable career if they do decide to start a family.

Siesta Key airs every Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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