Is The Masked Singer on tonight? Special episode airing Monday night, here is what you will see

The Masked Singer Monday night countdown
The Masked Singer Monday night countdown. Pic credit: @maskedsingerfox/Instagram

The Masked Singer is on every Wednesday night with fans trying to guess the identity behind the costumes.

However, The Masked Singer will air at a special time on Monday night, October 25, for a special episode.

Here is what you need to know.

The Masked Singer is on Monday night

The Masked Singer is still a Wednesday night reality TV series, but this week there will be a special Monday night episode for fans.

This will air at 8/7c on Fox and it will not be a regular performance episode of the series. Instead, this is a special episode that promises lots of fun things for fans of the series.

First up, there will be a Top 10 countdown during the Monday night episode of The Masked Singer.

This countdown is the Top 10 Performances in Masked Singer history.

Shown when promoting the Top 10 countdown were Donny Osmond, Gladys Knight, Bow Wow, Leann Rimes, and Wayne Brady. That is five names, but where they rank and the other five names remain to be seen.

Donny Osmond was Peacock and the runner-up in Season 1. T-Pain won that year as Monster. Gladys Knight was also in Season 1 and was the third-place contestant as Bee.

Wayne Brady won in Season 2 as Fox. Lee Ann Rimes won in Season 4 as Sun. Bow Wow was the third-place finisher in Season 3 as Frog.

There is no telling if there might be a big performance that makes the list that doesn’t include a finalist.

The Monday night episode also promises never-before-seen footage from behind-the-scenes. Even more importantly for people trying to figure out the identities, there will be brand new clues not shown on the main episodes.

Finally, there will be a sneak peek at the final wildcard entrant – Beach Ball.

Here is the promo for tonight’s The Masked Singer episode.

What is next on The Masked Singer?

Last week on The Masked Singer, the audience eliminated Hamster, which unmasked to reveal comedian Rob Schneider.

Beach Ball will debut next and join the competition against Banana Split, Mallard, Queen of Hearts, and Caterpillar.

That will drop B Group down to four people, which is also where Group A is. Group A still features Bull, Skunk, Pepper, and Jester.

The Masked Singer airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Fox. On Monday night, October 25, there will be a special episode, also at 8/7c.

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