Is Teen Mom Family Reunion star Ashley Jones pregnant? Here’s what we know

Ashley Jones reunion MTV
Ashley’s Teen Mom Family Reunion castmates claimed she was pregnant during filming for Season 2. Pic credit: MTV

The latest episode of Teen Mom Family Reunion has viewers wondering whether Ashley Jones is pregnant.

During Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom Family Reunion, some of Ashley’s castmates were spreading rumors that she was pregnant, but is there truth to the hearsay?

Teen Mom Family Reunion’s Season 2 Episode 3 was a dramatic one, with the brawl between Ashley, her co-star, Briana DeJesus, and their moms, Roxanne and Tea, playing out.

Following the physical feud, there were whisperings that Ashley was expecting her second child. Catelynn Baltierra started telling the other castmates and their moms that Ashley was pregnant, and word soon caught on among the rest of the cast.

So, is Ashley still pregnant? Here’s what we know.

In September 2022, Ashley confirmed that she was, indeed, pregnant. This after Briana let it slip before Ashley made the announcement herself.

Latest Teen Mom Family Reunion episode has viewers wondering if Ashley Jones is pregnant

Speaking on the dramatic tussle that went down during Tuesday’s episode, Briana took to her Instagram Stories at the time. She told her followers of Ashley, “I tried to spare u extra grief knowing that ur pregnant now but I am going to stand by what is right.”

After Briana let the cat out of the bag, Ashley took to social media to clarify with her own statement, which read, “And as for me being pregnant, yes I am thank you.”

The same day, Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans got involved in the conversation. She called out Ashley for spitting on Briana and added, “Not to mention.. throwing fists while pregnant? Maybe you need to worry about your own family and kids. … Child endangerment already.”

Ashley implies she lost the pregnancy following a car accident

A couple of months later, in November 2022, Ashley was met with questions from her curious TikTok followers, who were confused as to whether or not she was still pregnant after she posted a dancing video with her husband, Bar Smith.

Ashley acknowledged her fans’ concerns and wrote in the comments of the TikTok, “I know you guys are wondering but I’m not in a space to disclose that. I’m still processing. Thank you for being concerned.”

Ashley’s comment left her fans and followers still questioning whether she was pregnant, however. In another social media post, one of Ashley’s podcast listeners said that Ashley revealed she was in a car accident on the way to film Season 2 of Teen Mom Family Reunion and that her doctor was uncertain whether her pregnancy was viable due to the extent of her injuries.

Back in 2021, Ashley told her fans and critics that she was tired of being bombarded with questions about whether or not she was pregnant after gaining some weight.

“Once I do get pregnant I will not share the news because y’all are negative and irritating,” Ashley wrote in an Instagram Story. It looks as though she held true to her word, only acknowledging she was expecting a baby after Briana leaked the news.

Ashley hasn’t made any mention of being pregnant since her November 2022 comment, which seemingly implied that she lost the pregnancy. Ashley didn’t address the pregnancy speculation during Teen Mom Family Reunion yet either, but perhaps she’ll clarify in upcoming episodes.

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