Is Sydney Gordon still feuding with Maria Georgas after The Bachelor Women Tell All?

Sydney Gordon and Maria Georgas screenshot
Sydney Gordon talks about her relationship with Maria Georgas. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor fans watched with glee as Maria Georgas confronted Sydney Gordon at the Women Tell All after being labeled a bully all season.

Mario finally spoke her peace and chided Sydney for her behavior as the audience–who were Team Maria– cheered from the sidelines.

Interestingly, though, the Canadian beauty wanted to put the drama behind her, and she eventually made up with Sydney and a tearful Lea Cayanan.

However, is there still bad blood between Sydney and Maria?

After the episode, several of the cast members took to social media to get a few more things off their chest, Sydney being one of them.

The 28-year-old posted a photo that showed the sweet moment she and Lea made up with Maria.

However, there was also a lengthy message as she tried to clear up a few things–after seemingly getting more backlash from viewers.

How are things between Maria Georgas and Sydney Gordon?

Syndey admitted on The Bachelor Women Tell All that she said things she didn’t mean and that her behavior was cringy.

Lea was also visibly distraught after rewatching her behavior on TV, and she apologized to Maria.

At one point, Lea left the stage in tears after being called out by several of the other women.

However, viewers weren’t too happy with the words she used to comfort her friend, so she took to her Instagram Story to clear things up.

“I told Lea not to apologize…for being sad!! explained the vintage store owner. “She was saying sorry for crying and I told her she doesn’t have to apologize for being emotional. This wasn’t about the situation( or drama) at all.”

As for where things stand between her and Maria, Sydney revealed they are “good and hold no animosity.”

“The drama is over so respectfully, put it to rest,” she added.

Sydney Gordon Instagram Story
Pic credit: @syd_gord/Instagram

Sydney slams The Bachelor viewers for cyberbullying the cast

The Bachelor viewers have been relentless as several cast members complained about online bullying at the Women Tell All.

Earlier in the season, Sydney was the subject of brutal bullying due to her treatment of Maria.

Monsters and Critics reported in February that the Season 28 villain received thousands of hateful messages, including some angry audio messages.

Sydney spoke out once again about the cyberbullying, telling her social media followers that she does not condone it, whether towards her or any of her castmates.

“I have tried my best to stay off social media for my mental health,” she confessed, adding, “The mean comments surrounding edwina and maria are absolutely unacceptable and I would never want that to be said on my behalf.”

“I have nothing but respect for all of the women,” she added.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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