Is Pauly D getting married on Season 2 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation?

Pauly D shows off his home
Did Pauly D get married on Jersey Shore Family Vacation?

Happy Jerz-day! Jersey Shore Family Vacation is making this one special with a brand new sneak peek for Season 2. The MTV revival is returning very soon and with it, we’ll get to meet Ronnie’s new baby but that’s not the most exciting part. Is Pauly D getting married and to whom?

It sure looks like Pauly D is putting a ring on it in the very short Jersey Shore Family Vacation sneak peek but it can’t be Aubrey O’Day that he’s marrying, can it? The two are starring on Season 11 of Marriage Boot Camp but the pair has long been broken up.

The only reason we know that it is Pauly D getting married in the sneak peek is due to the Elvis impersonator that marries them announcing the newly married couple as “Mr. and Mrs. Pauly D!”

There were no faces shown in the very short wedding tease, only hands and rings. Entertainment Tonight suggested that Pauly D might not really be married at all and the whole thing may just be a big joke. If that’s the case, it’s a joke that a lot of Jersey Shore fans are paying attention to.

The newest Jersey Shore Family Vacation trailer is only 15 seconds long but it is packed with teases about what we can see when the series returns next month. In addition to Pauly D getting married, we get to see Ronnie’s new baby and probably a bit of drama with his baby mama Jen Harley.

There’s another Jersey Shore baby on the way too! In the clip, Deena announces her own pregnancy and we can’t wait to hear more!

Vinny gets slapped in the face right before the part about Pauly’s wedding. It doesn’t look like the mystery woman is ex-girlfriend Elicea Shyann but she’s also only shown for a split second and from the side. We’ll have to wait and see which lady Vinny is beefing with.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation returns on Thursday, August 23 on MTV. 

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