Is Kenya Moore pregnant? ‘Bump-less’ date night photos with Marc Daly reignite RHOA rumors

Is Kenya Moore pregnant or faking?
Ever since Kenya Moore announced her pregnancy, many RHOA fans have been on bump watch

The Real Housewives of Atlanta fans want to know if Kenya Moore is pregnant or not. With her status as a peach-holder still unconfirmed but looking grim, Kenya has been called out yet again by skeptical RHOA fans who think she’s just not telling the truth about the alleged bun in her oven.

After a recent date night with Marc Daly, many RHOA fans are even more convinced that Kenya is faking her pregnancy. The reason for all the disbelief? It all has to do with Kenya’s baby bump or lack thereof.

Kenya Moore announced her pregnancy on the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 reunion after years of yearning to be a mom. If she is pregnant (and we’re just reporting, not judging) then congratulations to her.

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The reason so many seem to think Kenya is faking has a lot to do with timing and also the photographic and video evidence.

Kenya recently posted a picture of herself and Marc on a date and proclaimed that her hubby loves her in that color. Kenya was wearing a salmon colored dress that really was flattering. However, internet detectives have been keeping a close eye on Kenya’s baby bump and in that picture, it seems to have disappeared or is, at least, much smaller than many believe it should be.

Maybe it’s lighting and angles or the cut of the dress but many RHOA fans have been straining to see if there is any evidence of Kenya’s pregnancy in that photo.

To add to the skepticism about whether Kenya is pregnant or not is another video from a few days prior. When Kenya attended Kandi Burrus’ Kandi Koated Nights viewing party on July 1, she was filmed as Kandi prompted her to stand up so they could get a really good picture of her belly.

As All About The Tea pointed out, complete with still photos taken from the video that were circled in red ink, something was off. Kenya’s belly seemed to fold in on itself as she stood up.

Now let it just be said that all pregnancies are different and no pregnant belly looks the same. It’s entirely possible that someone Kenya’s height would be able to carry a child and still look less pregnant than others.

However, many think that the bump should be way bigger for someone who announced (or rather admitted?) to being pregnant back in March when the RHOA reunion was filmed.

Kenya Moore has not revealed her due date to fans but just based on when the information was shared, she should be at least around six or seven months pregnant if she shared the news right away.  Shouldn’t her bump be a lot bigger by now? That’s what so many fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta want to know.

Speaking of RHOA, Kenya’s status as a peach holder is still in question. Kenya says she’s negotiating, meanwhile her critics believe she’s bluffing since many of her (possibly former) co-stars are already filming. Did Kenya get the boot?

So many questions and all will be answered in the coming months since The Real Housewives of Atlanta will be returning later this year and Kenya is expected to give birth before the year is over as well.

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