Is Kailyn Lowry returning to the Teen Mom franchise? Here’s what she said about a possible comeback

Kailyn Lowry TM2
Kailyn teased her fans about a possible return to the Teen Mom franchise. Pic credit: MTV

With a new season of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter just around the corner, Kailyn Lowry answered some questions from her fans who are curious whether she’s considered returning to the franchise.

Kailyn announced her departure from MTV last year during the Season 11 reunion of Teen Mom 2.

After sharing her storyline with viewers since 2010, when she debuted on 16 and Pregnant, then transitioned to Teen Mom 2 in 2011, Kailyn decided she no longer wanted her private life televised.

These days, Kailyn has plenty to keep her busy without reality TV in her life. In addition to raising her four sons, she hosts three podcasts and has found success as a social media influencer.

It seemed as though the last thing on her mind is returning to reality TV, but her fans and followers continue to ask if she’ll ever make a comeback.

During a recent Instagram Q&A in her Stories, Kailyn was asked about a possible return to the Teen Mom franchise.

Kailyn Lowry dishes on a possible return to Teen Mom

“Have you been asked to join TMNC?” one of her followers asked, continuing, “& would you consider it if asked?”

Kailyn’s reply left her fans in suspense as she answered, “This will be elaborated on in the coming months.”

kailyn lowry talks about returning to teen mom and whether she'll watch in her instagram story
Kailyn teased her fans about a possible return to the Teen Mom franchise and dished on whether she’ll be watching Season 2 of The Next Chapter. Pic credit: @kaillowry/Instagram

And, in case anyone was wondering whether Kailyn plans to watch Season 2 of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, the answer is no. That’s because Kailyn doesn’t have cable.

Rumors continue to run rampant about Kailyn ‘hiding’ a fifth child and another pregnancy

Since saying goodbye to MTV, Kailyn has remained in the headlines. There has been talk of the 31-year-old secretly welcoming a fifth son last fall with her boyfriend, Elijah Scott, and rumors that she’s pregnant again, this time with twins.

Kailyn hasn’t formally addressed the rumors, leaving her fans and critics guessing for months. But she has dropped some hints that have many convinced that she is a mom of five, not four.

For instance, eagle-eyed followers have noticed a baby car seat in her car, have sworn they’ve heard an infant cooing in the background of her Instagram videos, and perhaps most damning, Kailyn seemingly let it slip that she gave birth last year.

During an episode of her podcast, Baby Mamas No Drama, Kailyn admitted to her guest, reality star Aurora Culpo, that she watched Aurora’s family’s reality TV show, The Culpo Sisters.

While that fact in and of itself isn’t necessarily earth-shattering, the timing is what caught her listeners’ attention. Kailyn told Aurora that she “first came across” her show while she was in the hospital giving birth. The Culpo Sisters premiered in November 2022, which just so happens to be the month and year Kailyn is suspected to have welcomed her “secret” son, Rio.

Will Kailyn return to reality TV with Vee Rivera?

As for a possible future on reality TV again, Kailyn’s Baby Mamas No Drama podcast co-host, Vee Rivera, hinted that the duo would return, but with conditions.

“If we could, like, do more of what we wanted to do, I think that’s something that we would like if we could have a little more control,” Vee revealed during an interview with The Sun.

“Like, it’s a dream of ours. So we hope that it could come to fruition one day,” Vee said of her and Kailyn’s vision. “We’re keeping our fingers crossed!”

Season 2 of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter premieres on Wednesday, July 18 at 8/7c on MTV.

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