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Is Jenni Farley the new ‘bad guy’ on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation?

Jenni Farley during an episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation
Jenni Farley has been named Jersey Shore’s new “bad guy” according to fans Pic credit: MTV

Over the last decade, fans have grown to love Jersey Shore’s cast and have enjoyed watching their adventures through the years.

With Jersey Shore Family Vacation showing a different side to the cast, fans have fallen in love with them all over again as they’ve watched how they’ve grown up and maintained their friendships with one another.

Most fans that have followed the show for a while have loved to hate Angelina Pivarnick, and many have pegged her as the villain for the last several years. Ever since Angelina rejoined the group, she brought drama and arguments along with her.

However, it looks like the tides have turned, and fans have found a new villain. Several Jersey Shore followers now deem Jenni Farley as the show’s new “bad guy.”

Jenni Farley is seen as the ‘bad guy’

The show’s loyal followers have grown sick of hearing about the wedding drama after the speech the girls gave at Angelina’s wedding.

The majority of this Jersey Shore Family Vacation season has focused on the boys’ attempts to get Deena Cortese and Jenni to make amends with Angelina.

The boys were successful with Deena and Angelina as they squashed their beef during the last episode and agreed to put the past behind them.

The cast and fans alike don’t think reconciliation will be as easy with Jenni.

Jenni and Angelina have had the rockiest past out of all the roommates and have been at odds with each other off and on for several years. Before her arrival, Jenni told Deena if she talked to Angelina, then she wasn’t going to come out to Vegas at all.

Angelina admitted to being nervous about Jenni’s arrival and broke down in tears during a confessional interview, saying Jenni has always ruined things for her.

The preview of the newest episode shows Angelina and Jenni coming face to face as the whole family sits down for dinner.

Fans weigh in on their opinion of Jenni

Several fans have grown to like Angelina and feel bad about the way Jennie has treated her.

One fan commented on Instagram and mentioned how Angelina has walked on eggshells around Jenni for years. They think that Jenni needed to be put in her place.

A fan weighs in on the drama between Angelina and Jenni
A fan weighs in on the drama between Angelina and Jenni Pic credit: @whatevergoes90/Instagram

Other fans felt that Angelina didn’t have anything to apologize for and were confused as to why Jenni was owed anything after she was the one who made the speech at Angelina’s wedding.

A fan wonders why Angelina needs to apologize to Jenni
A fan wonders why Angelina needs to apologize to Jenni Pic credit:@michaelc1029/Instagram

Whether you’re on team Angelina or team Jenni, their long-awaited confrontation is sure to be interesting.

Fans can tune in to the latest episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation to see what happens when Angelina and Jenni finally come face to face.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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