Is Jenelle Evans pregnant again? David Eason says ‘it’s a girl’ on Facebook

Is Jenelle Evans pregnant again?

Jenelle Evans is constantly rumored to be pregnant. Usually, she combats the rumors immediately, but this time, it looks like she is playing along. Her husband, David Eason is in the thick of it all too.

The last week has been busy for Jenelle Evans. She dealt with the police and had to secure her son back from his dad, Nathan Griffith and his mom, Doris. On Sunday night, they refused to allow Evans to get her son, and when the police officer sided with Griffith and his mom, Jenelle had to wait two days before getting him back.

David Eason took to social media to go live while his wife went to get her son. While watching the video, many fans agreed Jenelle Evans looked like she had a baby bump. In fact, there are stills of the shot floating around for everyone to see.

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Because David Eason’s Facebook is public, everything he posts and makes comments on can be easily found. In fact, if you visit his page, you can even comment on things without being friends with him. When someone posted the photo of Jenelle Evans on his post about Kaiser coming home, he decided to play along.

David Eason commenting on the “bump” photo

While the photo could be of Jenelle Evans with a baby bump, it looks like David Eason is just egging the haters on. He acknowledged she was “13 weeks” and then said “it’s a girl” in the comments. This appears to be a case of “if you can’t beat them, join them” right now.

There have been several photos of Jenelle Evans in recent months, none of them giving the illusion she was pregnant with her fourth child. In fact, she taped a special segment for the Teen Mom 2 reunion last month with Dr. Drew and in the photos she shared, there was no sign of a bump at all.

Of course, it is possible that Jenelle Evans is hiding a pregnancy. She did it with Ensley for several months before finally coming clean after being pressed by the Teen Mom 2 crew.

Time will tell whether or not Jenelle Evans is expecting her second child with David Eason. As it stands now it looks like a joke, but with these two, you just never know.

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